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Wed Sep 8 01:20:41 PDT 2004

my dear bear
....................that all is lost...i can see a very bleak future...bush could easily get re-elected...kerry is a disastrous choice for the democrats, he doesn't look like a president [ he is rather lurchy] and, as several others have pointed out, he is very similar to bush policy wise....meanwhile the situation in iraq gets worse and worse..it used to be "a yank a day" now they've got it up to "two yanks a day"..the media have just stopped reporting the bad news like 52 american fatalities in august alone, not one, to my knowledge, reported by the media....and now iraq is of no concern to the american public [except, of course, the families who have lost loved ones]...the next move by bush will be to pre-emptively attack iran plunging america deeper and deeper into the quagmire...could this herald the end of the american empire?..all the signs from history are there.....madbaker
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