[Mb-civic] Barbara, I want you to see my reply.

Cheeseburger maxfury at granderiver.net
Tue Sep 7 21:30:44 PDT 2004

Re:  Barbara, I want you to see my reply.

"the courts are all we have"

The courts are dead.

The children of this generation, and their children, will be the ones to 
fight something called "Revolution" against our own people.

Americans simply cannot conceive of such a "doomsday prophecy".

"It could never happen here..." as the saying goes.

It already happened.

The rich got richer, the poor got poorer, the environment got sacked, 
cancers spread like cheese on a pizza, the courts took a dive, the 
governments took payola.

They sold us out so long ago it is ludicrous.

For the most part, no, we no longer have the courts.

In the distinctly near future, whatever we do have of them will be gone 

Big Brother cannot afford *any* loose ends as it finishes processing The 
American Dream into semi-worthless taxpaying sausages.

That includes the courts.

And, of course, "The Police" are there to kick anyone's ass who disagrees.

Or just kill them.

But hasn't it *always* been like that...?

Yes, yes it has, relatively.

It's just come to a mighty head after they got through squashing that ray 
of light that managed to escape and squawk up for a moment somewhere 
between the 1950's and the 1970's.

And, now, they're *totally* through fucking around with "us".

Neat new sound weapons, and weapons that can put thoughts into your head, 
or fry the water under your skin now in the possession of Our Military, on 
their way soon to Our Police.

What more could George Orwell ask for other than the actual fullfillment of 
his "fictitious" writings....?

Not much.

And me being A Complete Pacifist writing such things, predictions, etc's, 
amazes even myself.

There surely must be a reason I write them.  Perhaps it is because I see so 
clearly right through whatever bullshit passes before my eyes, and I can 
see what is coming in The Future.


There basically will *be* no Future to speak of for anyone around America 
unless you have The Money or The Guns.

The Courts just follow whichever way those two go.

Just like they always have.

Did I hear someone whisper "Revolution"....?

I then heard someone whisper "Take back our country and democracy through 
peaceful means..."

And then I didn't hear anything, as the guys outside in the black van 
pushed a small button and the water beneath my skin began to boil....

All I heard then was the screaming.  Just like I hear now.

Just like I have heard for Centuries.

Just like I hear every second of my life coming from all over this world.

The neighbors down the block whispering "Gee, well, we tried to save 
America and Democracy, but what could *we* do..?" just didn't quite make it 
past the screaming.

Ok, I'll shut the fuck up now.

But I'm sitting here typing, waiting for people across America to wake up 
and realize that the time for whispering and typing and etc was over long 
long long, LONG ago.

At this late date, attempting to re-instate, on *any* level, by *any* 
means, Democracy, Freedom, Equality, Justice, Etc back into The American 
Mainstream is nothing but a pipe dream.

Name your "pig".

If anyone thinks that "the pigs", on whatever level, from Federal to Local, 
are *ever* going to suddenly be miraculously revamped, restyled, retrained, 
and re-humanely-weaponized, resuscitated into something not out of a horror 
comic, etc, you're fucking dreaming.

It's only going to get worse and worse and worse and worse, no matter *who* 
happens to be "running the show" at the current time.

Until sometime in the future, someone in some place, like Harlem or 
somewhere, is just going to say "Enough", and all hell is going to break loose.

*That* is *The Future Of America*, born from Within, coming to a theater 
near you soon.

It's just *not quite* here yet, so *most* people can't even see it coming, 
much less do they even find such a statement as having any validity whatsoever.

I'll stake my very life on it any day of the week.


- Where has the sparrow gone now that I need its song.

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