[Mb-civic] Barbara, I want you to see my reply.

Lyle K'ang lyve at netzero.com
Tue Sep 7 17:33:57 PDT 2004


As usual I always find your research and reactions spot on.

Our lives are very stressful these days. What perturbes me to no end is that many 'hippies' have now gone over to the Bush camp.

Those are our brothers and sisters and many commit these same crimes by supporting Bush knowing full well what his administration has done and continues too do.

Man continues to show his inhumanity to man...the courts are all we have and the spirit of the courts are fading away leaving blind justice in the swill trenches that go through these judges' homes.

Be on the look out for the more fuc_ing 911 lies by this administration in Bob Graham's 'Intelligence Matters' book.

Perhaps it's time for Black Kahunaism...


Lyle K'ang

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