[Mb-civic] The perils of computerized vote counting...

Cheeseburger maxfury at granderiver.net
Sun Sep 5 20:29:29 PDT 2004

Re:  The perils of computerized vote counting...

How bout that......


The FACT that the designers of "computerized voting machines" have built in 
an actual *LITERAL* FRAUD OPTION into their Software and/or Hardware, 
capable of changing MILLIONS of votes in SECONDS, and the FACT that both 
the companies that design them, State Officials, Federal Officials, Etc 
Officials are JUST NOT INTERESTED for the most part, should wake you up AT 
LEAST A F*CKING LITTLE, since there are less than 2 months now to a 
PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION where they will be widely used.

The more I look at "Kerry's Platform", the more it looks like George W. 
Bush Jr. talking.  However, regardless, out of sheer futility, I'm voting 
for him anyway.

The bottom line is that in the face of the myriad displays of VOTER FRAUD 
coming up in this Election propagated by THE REPUBLICAN PARTY and their 
Mein Kampf sympathizers who are already set and ready to go into Vote 
Tampering Mode, if Kerry wins it will be a literal miracle.

And since you, the guy next door, and the lady down the street, including 
all THE OFFICIALS, either won't or can't address nor change the voter fraud 
that has gone on here forever and that is fixing to come up, if you're a 
"Kerry Supporter", you need to start gearing yourself up now for a Bush win 


- Where has the sparrow gone now that I need its song.

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