[Mb-civic] The Horror of Terror

Harold Sifton harry.sifton at sympatico.ca
Fri Sep 3 21:19:10 PDT 2004

The Horror of Terror

The cruelty/barbarism of fanaticism has no explainable reason, no religion, God would allow/accept these soulless bastards actions.

Who are these humans who do these horrors and why, is a very serious question! 

These people/fanatics are beyond forgiveness and their termination is paramount! They are beyond help, their actions have stated that.


To herd and slaughter children in the name of political freedom is the lowest/sickest/barbaric forum of protest/action!

What has driven them to this extremity is again a question to ask, but their actions are so wrong and so so unforgivable.............

My prayers and deepest sympathies to the families whose children have died in this most horrible/unreasonable/unimaginable event !

Some how, some way, Peace on Earth


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