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Cheeseburger maxfury at granderiver.net
Thu Sep 2 02:08:02 PDT 2004

Re:  Eat The Right Wing

"Are you left wing or right wing?"

It's interesting to think that Rove, people "like" "Rove", whomever, have 
created a self-perpetuating machine literally capable of unnecessarily and 
willfully injecting knee-jerk reactionary paranoia into entire populations.

Convincing "The Right Wing" that they are constantly under attack from all 
sides, and that "The Left Wing" will always be a more dangerous enemy than 
even al-Qaeda itself.

This choice in this November's Presidential Election is not "Against The 
Right Wing", but rather "FOR AMERICA".

At least what little the "Roves" have left intact to squabble over, divide 
up, or try to heal or salvage.

I think The People of America on *both* "sides" should ALL step back from 
the corrupt political-military-industrial system that President Eisenhower 
warned us about in his 1961 farewell speech which has sucked the very 
life-blood out of us and retake their country.

But as someone once told me "Talk is cheap...  Don't talk.  Do."

The "doing", how to *Fix It* is the real creme de la creme.

How can you convince "members" of *both* major American political parties 
that they're getting wuggied up the *ss, and have been for some time, as 
they're *both* waving the American flag, singing American patriotic etc 
songs, and swearing to be the True supporters, believers and 
representatives of Mom, God, Flag, Apple Pie, Truth, Justice, and The 
American Way....??

Try to regain control of The American Press for starters.

To give it back its voice that has been lost somewhere between profitable 
commercial breaks and "The Voice of The Kremlin".

If it wasn't so cartoonishly ghoulish in reality, I would almost use the 
word "Surreal" to describe such a loss of power of vocalization "in true 
representation of" all of America by The Media.

At this late date of still sequencing tragic events, it's rather clear that 
they have now become part of the problem.

But that's no big new news, so we're still back at square one as to how to 
really "Fix It".

Most current "Fix It" brainstorms from just about any entity in any 
potential position to actually do "Something" are born from and operating 
within the very System which needs the "Fixing" in the first place.

Tons of their "Solutions" tend to wind up nowhere farther away from 
relative "indentured slavery" to "The Big Boss" than many Americans already 

That makes "thoughts" such as "How can we Fix it", "What needs Fixing?", 
"What is the correct Solution?", and "Etc" seem rather Completely Moot in 
face of A System that has reached a point where it is capable of 
self-perpetuating its own corruption.  And getting away with it.

Although you should *never* stop asking yourself or others those 
"questions", the "Monster" (which asidedly brings to mind one of Richard's 
work of literature, p.s. I sincerely hope you get the $ to produce your W. 
play in NYC) aspects of "The System" is so far reaching into almost every 
avenue of "You Name It" that I stop and wonder at the idiocy of "A Right 
Wing" and "A Left Wing" being at each others' throats for even a brief second.

But that is how *both* sides are programmed, were programmed in the past, 
and will be programmed in the future.

"*They* are The Bad Guys.  Fuck al-Qaeda.  Every 4 years *Those People* are 
The Bad Guys".

Seems like we've been going through that or similar simple mathematical 
expressions for centuries now.

Trained monkeys.

"Eat The Rich..."....?  Not really.

However, when one stands back in reality and stares at it all for a moment, 
it almost literally appears that the "Rich" are eating "The Poor" on a 
daily basis, and have been for some time now.

Like for Centuries.


In the face of all political, economic, social, etc "philosphies", "schools 
of thought", "treatises", "declarations", etc, it still comes down to the 
quality of Life itself that an Individual and his family are entitled to on 
the face of this planet.

"Systems" are not interested in such things.

They are interested in making money and perpetuating the System and those 
within it who sustain its capabilities.

The "System" itself is broken.

There is no "Right" wing or "Left" wing.

They divided up America between themselves and you slept through it.

You want to "change it for the better", "fix it", "etc"....

Go get 10 million people to go to D.C. to look around and see if they have 
a Great Lawn there somewhere.

Sure, I'm going to vote in November.

I'm going to vote for Kerry.

He may be just as bad as Bush, but Bush just sticks in my mind (like a 
chicken bone sticking in that rock star's throat choking him to death in 
that move "The Legacy") as that guy in "Dr. Strangelove" riding that 
nuclear warhead between his legs down on Moscow yelling "Yee Haw..!!!!" or 

"Rove"'s (and people "like" him) fascinating plan to invoke "The Right 
Wing"'s knee-jerk reactionary paranoia against "Just About Everything" 
remains the perfect symbol of what infected "The American System" to begin 

It's almost as if the Communists and the Nazis themselves had taken over 
"The American System".

Or if not that, at least "Somebody" appears to have.

That they apparently don't seem to like Americans very much *at all*, nor 
literally have their literal Best Interests at heart, remains the most 
prominent problem needing some oiling.

See....?  LOL.....  It always comes back to "Oil".


The Fact that people actually *believe* and buy into all their BS is 
shocking, but not historic.

That stuff has been going on forever.

The Fact that many Americans themselves are the victims of such literal 
Fraud, Misrepresentation, and Treason *at this particular time and sequence 
of events* is the end of the dream.

"I had a dream....  I may not make it, but we as a people will make it to 
the promised land...."

The "promised land" that he spoke of still remains "Freedom".

Within "True Freedom" lay all your answers, fixes, and solutions.

All you have to do is figure out *how* to Truly Free yourself and the rest 
of the world.

Personally, I would start by eating Rove.



"smack smack... gnaw... chew... smack smack....  Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrppppp...!!"

"Uncle Cheeseburger......................!!!!"

"Yes, kids.....?"

"Did you just eat Karl Rove......??!!"

"Yes...  Yes, I did, kids..."



"You're so fuckin funny, Uncle Cheeseburger...!!"

"Yes, yes I am..."


"Did you steal our stash.........?"

"Uhh.....  Uhh....  Uh, no...  No, I didn't....."

"Are you sure, Uncle Cheeseburger...?  It's gone and only you were here...."

"Uh, no...  It wasn't me...."

"How do we know you're not lying.......?"

"Uh, well...  Uhh....   Have you checked your cricket lately...?"

"Oh, my god......!!"

"Oh, crap...  He's laying on his side not moving...!!"

"Look.....!!  His belly looks like he swallowed a golf ball...!!"

"Crap crap crap....!!  What are we gonna do.....??!!"

"I don't know.....!!"

Both children start to cry.

"Don't worry, don't worry, let me have a look at him...."

"Sniffle....  Can...  Can you save him, Uncle Cheeseburger...?"

"I don't know...  Let me look here now...  Hmmm....  I think I'm going to 
have to give him man to cricket respiration...."

"Please save him, Uncle Cheeseburger, sniffle...."

"Whoooosh.... push.... 1 2 3...  Whoosh....  push.... 1 2 3......"


"Oh god, Uncle Cheeseburger, you did it....!!"

"chirp chirp...."

"Oh, thank you, Uncle Cheeseburger, thank you...!!"

Both children hug Cheeseburger.


"Oh crap..."


"Well, he'll be like that for about 2 or 3 days, but he'll get better...."

"Sniffle...  Thank you, Uncle Cheeseburger...."

"Don't mention it....    Night, kids..."

"Night, Uncle Cheeseburger...."


"Did Uncle Cheeseburger *really* eat Karl Rove.....?"

"Well...  I dunno...  Maybe...."

"He wouldn't eat us, would he....?"

"No, I don't think so...  If he was going to, I think he would eat the 
cricket first..."

"So, as long as the cricket is alive we're safe...?"

"Yeah...  probably...."

"You be in charge of hiding the stash from now on...."


"Night, Jimi..."

"Night, Judi........"



- Where has the sparrow gone now that I need its song.

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