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Very cute.  It reminds me a little of a comment comedian Pat Paulsen made
when he ran for President in 1972.  At a press conference, a media person
asked him, "Are you left wing or right wing?"  To which he replied, "Well,
neither, actually; I'm sort of middle-of-the-bird."

Also, I had a similar experience this week.  Walking in my neighborhood, I
discovered a "flyer" posted on some of the telephone booths.  It's in the
form of one of those pink phone message slips found in most offices.  It
reads as follows:

To: George W. Bush
From: Jesus

Message: When I said, "To everyone who has will be given more, and he will
have more than enough; but from the man who has not, even what he has will
be taken away" (Matt. 25:29), that was not intended to be taken as economic
policy!  Be nice!

P.S.  Shame on you."


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> Eat The Right Wing
> I was walking down the street the other day in a city and someone came up
> to me and shoved a pamphlet in my hand and walked away.
> It was entitled "Eat The Right Wing".
> Curious, I opened it up, thinking it was a political statement, but to my
> surprise found it to be an ordinary cook book.
> It had complete recipes for sauteeing not only W., but the entire Bush
> Rumsfeld a la mode ice cream.
> Condoleeza cornbread.
> Cheney enchiladas.
> And the list went on and on and on...
> Powell stew.pickled pigs feet.
> Wolfowitz pickled pigs feet.
> Scalia peking duck.
> And on and on and on...
> It showed which parts to use and which parts not to use, such as throwing
> away W's ears as they had so much wax in them that not even boiling them
> could remove it all.
> Its basic conclusion was that since "The Right Wing" had contributed so
> heavily to the devastation of the economy, social programs, quality of
> life, etc etc etc, that "The Poor" who had been so directly affected by
> their actions had no choice in the upcoming Future to sustain the correct
> amount of nutrients but to eat those who had literally prevented them from
> putting food on their tables and who had squandered the future of their
> children by enslaving them indefinitely with such insurmountable future
> It was kind of tragic in a funny sort of way that someone would have gone
> to all the trouble to write out actual recipes for preparing, cooking, and
> serving "The Right Wing" in a little computer printed pamphlet.
> I guess that they figured since they couldn't outvote the people who have
> managed to fix American elections themselves, that this was the best
> alternative.
> As hungry as I might ever get, though, I just can't imagine eating their
> recipe for "Republican Penis Soup".
> "The balls are huge, but the penises are so small that they wouldn't even
> make a mouthful."
> LOL........
> Oh well, it was fun, though, for a while, heh, getting a little pamphlet
> shoved in your hand, then finding out it is a cook book instead of a
> political treatise.
> The guy disappeared around the corner, and I quickly followed him to ask
> some questions, but he vanished in a crowd.  The only thing I caught sight
> of before he blended back into America was the back of his jacket which
> read "Rove in 2008".
> I'll have to admit, although there aren't many, Karl does come up with
> interesting thoughts now and then....
> Cheeseburger
> - Where has the sparrow gone now that I need its song.
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