The Pope Joan Time Line

Important Dates In Church History

1 AD
Probable date of the birth of Jesus

30 AD
Probable date of the crucifixion of Jesus

45 AD
St. Paul begins his missionary travels

64 AD
First Roman persecution of Christians

200 AD
Bishop of Rome gains predominant position as Pope

250 AD
Persecution of Christians increases;
Martyrs are being revered as saints

Last persecution of Christians in Rome

337 AD
Constantine the Great is baptized

478 AD
First Shinto shrines appear in Japan

500 AD
First plans for the Lateran Palace in Rome;
Incense is introduced in Christian services

516 AD
King Arthur is crowned

552 AD
Buddhism is introduced in Japan

570 AD
Mohammed is born

686 AD
Sussex, the last heathen community in England, is converted to Christianity; About this time, public practice of the Old Religions was persecuted.

695 AD
Persecution of Jews in Spain

710 AD
Emperor Justinian II, first to kiss the Pope's foot, confirms the privileges of the Roman See

750 AD
Donation of Constantine "discovered" and accepted as legitimate document.

800 AD
Charlemagne is crowned first Holy Roman Emperor

Ninth century: Century of Change

855 AD
If Pope Joan was crowned, it was probably around this year;
Louis II is crowned Holy Roman Emperor

858 AD
Nicholas I is named Pope

1444 AD
The Donation of Constantine is "discovered"/acknowledged to be a fraud;
However, it was so firmly still wrapped into the political and cultural consciousness of the powerful men of the era, that its practical acceptance continued. For example, the Pope, as Bishop of Rome, divided the responsibility for Christianization -- and the trading rights -- in the New World between Spain and Portugual. No one objected, it seemed, save perhaps the folks living in the New World at the time.

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