About the 2009 Los Angeles production

"Pope Joan" opened at the Stella Adler Theatre in Hollywood, CA on January 14th, 2009 directed by Bo Crowell, with Whitney Avalon as Joan and Doug Barry as Louis as part of what Daily Variety called, "a highly talented 26-member ensemble."

“Highly talented 26-member ensemble...Avalon is impeccable as the maiden who doesn't know how to handle the gifts she has been given and Barry is deliciously ruthless. Impressive production values. The supporting ensemble is as credible as any to be found on Broadway.” - Variety

"With a lovely soaring voice, Whitney Avalon plays Joan with a certain wide-eyed understatement that belies the strength and chutzpa a woman would need to pass ones-self off as a man in a world filled with deceit and subterfuge. Spectacularly lavish production...imposing set...and absolutely astonishing costumes by Shon LeBlanc." - REVIEWPLAYS, Jose Ruiz

"A beautiful harmonious collage of spectacle and sound.  The ensemble moments of this play were golden. The spectrum of voices created by the cast as a whole is engaging unified chorus….the choreography is lively and fun without the slightest comprise for the limited performance area…all the best elements that lighting design can endow to a production: mood, transition and environment. Well done." - LA Splash

"Whitney Avalon's crystalline voice is one of the marvels of this production." - The Tolucan Times

"Posh production value and a gripping historical tale... Barry’s portrayal of Louis is amusing, vivacious, and hilarious. Also Bryce Blue’s depiction of the naïve and eager Lucius must be mentioned for its charisma and vulnerability.” - Sarah Happel, SoCal.com

"When a beautifully realized new musical appears it is a time for joyous celebration. Pope Joan is produced by Michael Butler, who first brought us Hair and it shows. The story of a female priest who masquerades as a man while having an affair with a Roman emperor that results in her becoming pregnant just as she ascends to the position of Pope is contemporary in its timeless themes of the conflict between personal hunger and professional ambition. The six piece orchestra on stage but hidden from view plays the  music elegantly, with the song "Man of the Moment" being particularly memorable. The cast more than does justice to the well written story and libretto. Welcome Pope Joan! " - Herb Goldberg, THE TICKET STUB

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Theatre Information

POPE JOAN opened on January 14th, 2009 at the Stella Adler Theater

The Stella Adler Theater
6773 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

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