Photo Gallery for Michael Butler's Journal

Michael Butler at the opening of HAIRMichael Butler at the opening of HAIR


Collection #1 - Childhoood Images

Butler Family Portrait

At the beach

Michael at camp

Kite flying

Butler Family at camp

Michael on his pony

Swimming in Michigan

Portrait of Michael

Portrait of Jorie 

Michael, Frank, and Jorie

School Portrait

Michael on his father's plane

Bike riding

Collection #2 - Family
Michael's paternal Grandmother

Michael's paternal Grandfather

Michael's Father

Michael's Mother

Michael's Aunt

Michael's maternal Grandmother

Michael's maternal Grandfather

Michael's parents

Michael's son Adam


Collection #3 - HAIR in 1968

The following photos, courtesy of Dagmar and NEWSWEEK, are from HAIR in 1968.

Michael Butler and Bertrand Castelli

Dagmar, Frank Butler and Michael Martin

Michael Butler and Tom Smothers

Tom Smothers and Edward G. Robinson

Gerry Ragni and son

NEWSWEEK: Male Plumage 1968

Michael Butler in NEWSWEEK: Male Plumage 1968

Collection #4 - Moving On

Michael and Jorie

Michael with his Grandmother

Playing polo

More polo

Governor's Weekend Polo Match

Another photo from Governor's Weekend

Illinois Sports Council 1967

Audrey Hepburn

Michael in the 1970s

The Butler Family 1976

Michael in the 1980s

Michael in the 1990s

Michael in 2000

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