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WHAT: “Hair.” The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical.

WHO: Book and lyrics by Gerome Ragni and James Rado. Music by Galt McDermot.
            Produced by the MET Theatre and Michael Butler.
            Directed by Bo Crowell. Musical director: Christian Nesmith.

WHERE: The MET Theatre, 1089 N. Oxford Av., Hollywood, CA 90029. This is one
            block east of Western Ave. and a few steps south of Santa Monica Blvd. Free
            secured parking is available ½ block east of the venue on Santa Monica Blvd. in
            the Earl Scheib lot.

WHEN: Previews September 7, 8, 9, 13. Opens Friday, September 14, runs through
            November 3. Regular showtimes: Thurs.- Sat. at 8, Sun. at 3.

ADMISSION: $30-$34. Student, senior and group discounts available upon request.
RESERVATIONS: (323) 957-1152.
WEBSITE: www.theMETtheatre.com

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“Hair” (1968) made Broadway history as the first rock musical, initially running over 4 years with a slew of chart-topping hit songs including “The Age of Aquarius,” “Let the Sun Shine In,” “Good Morning, Starshine,” “Easy To Be Hard,” and “Hair.” Thirty-nine years after its Broadway debut, original Broadway producer Michael Butler is back to produce it at the MET Theatre in Hollywood.

The show explored the world of the “Flower Children” of the 1960s, their joy in life and loving, their irreverent attitude towards society, and their resistance to a war overseas in which U.S. participation may have been unnecessary (sound familiar?), and in particular, their resistance to the wartime draft.

Bo Crowell directs and Christian Nesmith is musical director. They have previously collaborated on productions of “Hair” both in the U.S. and overseas, including the 30th anniversary production in Hollywood with Candlefish Theatre Comapny. Crowell recently served several years as the technical director of the MET Theatre., and recently directed its workshop presentation of the musical “The Return.” Nesmith is the son of 60s rock star Michael Nesmith (of The Monkees).

Butler’s other producing  credits include “Lenny,” “Reggae,” and “The Trial of the Catonsville Nine.”

“Hair” features an attractive young cast bedecked in wildly colorful 60s attire (and, in one scene, wearing nothing at all) singing their hearts out. It premiered after several grim years of turmoil in America, with a stubbornly optimistic view of the country’s future.
It’s time for “Hair” to grow again.

Press/media contact: Philip Sokoloff, (626) 683-9205

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Upcoming International Hair reunion Be-In 2006
Los Angeles, California

The Details:

WHEN: Saturday, October 21, 7-11 pm

WHERE: The Aquarius Theater (now known as Nickelodeon Studios)
6230 Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028 USA

WHAT: See old friends, make new ones, sing the songs,
share our stories, view films and photos, reminisce and catch up.

TICKETS: $25 each in advance ($30 at the door, if available)

To purchase tickets please go to:

This HAIR Reunion is produced by the Bear River Tribe Los Angeles,
and by the Moon in the Seventh House.

Questions? Contact The HAIR Archives: dayton3@rcn.com





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HAIR Reunion Be-In 2005

On Saturday, September 10, 2005 several hundred Hair alumni gathered at La MaMa, e.t.c in New York City for the first international reunion of Hair alumni. People came from New York, California (north and south), Washington state, Texas, Florida, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Missouri, Oregon, Nevada, and even Alaska! Alumni from every first run US company, and quite a few from European companies (Germany, Spain, Amsterdam, London) attended. Alumni from all production capacities were there including on stage, backstage, office, creative team, fans, concession, and their friends and family. We sang, we danced, we saw old friends and a transcendent, wonderful time was had by all!

Michael Butler to speak at LaMama ETC, New York, NY - April 23, 2005

LaMaMa ETC presents “Coffehouse Chronicles V - Michael Butler” at LaMaMa ETC

April 23, 2005      3:00 pm – 5:00pm
La MaMa E.T.C. (The Club), 74A East 4th Street   New York, NY 10003
Box office (212) 475-7710 Information available:www.lamama.org
runs 2 hours.

New York, April 23rd– On Saturday April 23rd from 3:00pm until 5:00pm, La MaMa ETC will present its fifth event, Coffeehouse Chronicles V. The guest speaker will be Michael Butler the original producer of Broadway’s HAIR. This will include special guest star Tom O’Horgan and surprise visitors from the original cast. The event will be held in “The Club” in La MaMa’s intimate 99-seat cabaret / coffee house / theatre space. Coffeehouse Chronicles presents personal accounts of the history and development of the Experimental, International & Off-Off Broadway Theatre scenes in NYC and at La MaMa ETC from 1961 through 1969, by the individuals who created them. It hosts seminal and contributing artists of the period who will share with the public their personal experiences and insights through an open forum discussion and dialogue with all in attendance. Appropriately enough the series began with Ellen Stewart as the first speaker. The collaborators of Hair have called La Mama the “Spiritual home of Hair”

Coffeehouse Chronicles - Spring Season Schedule (subject to change):
Helen Hanft  March 26
Robert Heide April 9 
Michael Butler and friends of HAIR April 23 
The Harris Family April 30 
Daniel Haben Clark May 7 
William M Hoffman May 21 
Michael Locascio June 4
H M Koutoukas June 18
Robert Dahdah  June 25

Coffeehouse Chronicles
Ellen Stewart – Executive Producer, Artistic Director
Chris Kapp – Director
Michael Arian-Assistant Director

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We have added a Current HAIR productions page to the site, which lists current productions for the U.S. and Canada.

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The 60’s were a period of great hope. Even after the shock of Jack Kennedy’s assassination his mantra of the future continued to stimulate youth - those young in spirit besides those young in body. Those of the Movement felt we had a real chance to bring Peace and Love to the world. Freedom was the passion. Spiritualism was the driving power. Compassion was a rule and the Environment a concern. Many were in states of altered consciousness arrived through various disciplines including, for the impatient, mind elevating substances.

Towards the end of the 60’s hope was changing to fear. Many felt that we in the USA were heading for another Civil War. HAIR arrived at this time to be a beacon of hope through a dialogue between the generations. The arch was broken to bring the audience into the tribe. HAIR explained many of the problems facing the world as seen by the young. We were attacked by both the radical Left and the radical Right.

The murder of Martin Luther King, then Robert Kennedy, the riots at Columbia University began to change fear to rage. An example was the actions of the Yuppies who set up Mayor Daley at the Democratic Convention in Chicago. We warned the mayor this was going to happen. He could not believe that the violence was a planned event. The paranoid reaction of the authorities is what gave us Richard Nixon as president. Force on all sides began to strip the power of our spiritual quest. Then we had Kent State.

Realization began to set in that those of the Movement could not prevail against the Establishment. We did not know how to run or to be within the system. Many began to drop out. A new mantra, instead of “Om” the saying became ”Getting our shit together”. Materialism began to become paramount. A job was the rule, working for the establishment, and pursuing such dreams as a white picket yard surrounding a suburban house.

Extremism is such a rule in this country. The next step was “Greed is good”. Ushered in was a period of the pursuit of wealth which made the times of the robber barons seem benign. Free Trade, a drive against world poverty has been corrupted by globalization. Organized religions are increasingly influenced by fundamentalism. The planet is damaged by insensitive use of our natural resources. The gap between the poor and the rich gets larger. The world is awash with corrupt governments. In this country we are ruled by a regime whose election remains questioned.

Americans are faced with a spiritual crisis - a bereavement of spirit. So much seems wrong, one crisis after another. We have been struck by a vicious act of terror. We do not understand where such hatred comes from. In our isolation and unilateral government, perception has it that we don't care about the problems of the world. Our supposed economic miracle is coming unglued. Corporate misadventures and executive greed have plundered the savings of many. Our own indulgences in the economic bubble have brought about serious financial problems. We lack leadership and statesmanship which allows us to feel confident about the future.

There is strong feeling, or at least a hope that something or someone will appear to lead us out of the wilderness. Meanwhile the best solution is that we have to lead ourselves. Each person needs to do what they can to help the problems of the community, the nation, and the world. We are all one. Everyone can do something to improve our planet physically, mentally and spiritually. At least reduce the mess we are leaving the young.

The tribes of HAIR can do quite a bit towards these endeavors. Individually, collectively and through the show we will be in a unique position to carry such messages. So many people over the world have seen HAIR, more than any musical, and they remember it well. HAIR continues to be performed in many colleges and high schools. Young people want to know the truth about the 60’s and their fore bearers want to relive those days.

Those who have experienced altered forms of consciousness, by whatever means, never forget that space in which they have been. Now they have learned how to function within the system. It is time they act to run it.

Michael Butler,
Liberty, Freedom, Peace and Love
Comments to be in "Let the Sun Shine In-The Genius of HAIR"
by Scott Miller, pbl.. spring 2002 by Heinemann Publishing

The Hair Online Archives

The Hair Online Archives is the online portion of the Hair Archives, an archive of articles, photos, clippings, memorabilia and much more, recording the history of the musical HAIR, from its initial Off Broadway opening in October of 1967, to its closing on Broadway on July 1, 1972, and beyond, to major current productions.

There are also archives there pertaining to the "children" of HAIR: DUDE, and RAINBOW, as well as information about the careers of the creators of the story, book & lyrics of HAIR, Gerome Ragni & James Rado, and the creator of the music of HAIR, Galt MacDermot. You will also find information on the careers of director Tom O'Horgan, and producer Michael Butler.

Currently the Online Archives has over 400 articles and over 1000 images. We update regularly, so check back often. You will find the Online Archives at:


I look forward to hearing all thoughts, comments, suggestions, and
general feedback, so please let me hear from you, at dayton3@rcn.com

Peace and Love,
Nina Machlin Dayton

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