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"Carnaval Magique" is a traveling entertainment complex which houses a variety of elements in a themed compound that will reflect the time period of the main production of Carnaval Magique, with street scenes and backdrops created by world ren owned designers. With it, audiences will enjoy a dynamic entertainment experience.

It is commercially designed to allow presenters and promoters to offer their patrons a new experience; their sponsors, a way to extend their brands; and their concession operators, a way to capture per capita expenditures. With this, all aspects of en tertainment will be offered; theatre, music, comedy, street scenes, multimedia, spoken word and special events.

It is designed in spirit to present entertainment to the public in an exciting and meaningful way. With the recent successes of period films, the public's appetite for the mystic, combining these attributes with a Festival environment will allow for o ptimization of ancillary activities and profit centers.

A constant ceremony of art and magic will allow the participants to transcend time, not only to relish the main tent event, but also to celebrate in the exhibition areas' stunning backdrops, stages, shops and culinary delights. All ages will find the environment both entertaining and captivating.

MAIN THEATRE TENT: 2000 seat theatrical or concert configuration

MINI THEATRES TENTS: Various sizes to accomodate workshops, repertory level productions as well as musical acts and bands

ENVIRONMENT THEME: Re-creations of famous areas from Arthurian times in a public assembly are encompassed within the 200,000 square foot compound

STAGES: 2 stages in full view of public assembly while walking the street scenes

ACTIVITY AREAS: Various strolling performers, magicians, carnival games and special activity tents

FOOD: 2 themed restaurants spaced throughout the assembly are fully themed to the event

KIOSKS: Several free-standing merchandising and food service kiosks throughout the Festival compound

PUBLIC AREA: A fully self-contained set of systems: box office, gate controls, power generators, event medical, security, etc.


THEATRE: 8 performances per week of THE ENCHANTER by the renowned illusionist Frederic Clement in the main tent, as well as repertory level mini plays, musicals, dance & skits throughout the Festival compound

STREET SCENE: Re-creations of European villages with street performers, shops and restaurants

MAGIC: Established and up-and-coming acts in the main tent, the mini theatres, the side stages and in the streets of villages

MUSIC: Established and up-and-coming acts in the main tent, the mini theatres, the side stages and in the streets of villages

SPOKEN WORD: Famous speech re-enactments of poets, theorists and visionists of the period

SPECIAL EVENTS: Art exhibitions, street markets, private parties, etc.

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