Kabbalistic Correspondences

Kabalistic correspondences of La Papessa

Hebrew letter - Gimel - camel

Egyptian goddess - Isis

Greek goddess - Artemis

Roman goddess - Diana

Celtic goddess - Bridget

Teutonic goddess - Sif

Arthurian character - Morgan le Fay

Metal - Silver

Herbs - Sweet flag, Mugwort

Christian saint - St. Brigid

Buddhism - Bodhichitta

Hollywood star - Garbo

Dante's Paradise - Angel of Poverty

Sepher Yetzirah - The Uniting Intelligence

Magickal powers - Clairvoyance, Dream divination

Magickal weapon - Bow and arrow

Animal - Dog

Stones - Moonstone, Pearl, Crystal

Perfume - Camphor

Odyssey - Penelope

Fairy Tale - Briar Rose

Astrology - The Moon

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La Papessa
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