Michael Butler

Pre and Post Hair

New York Times - June 21, 1968
Michael Butler brings back Living Theater troupe

New York Times - August 21, 1968
Michael Butler produces film

Photographs from a 1969 profile of Michael Butler

New York Times - April 10, 1970
Michael Butler acquires rights To "Stomp"

New York Times - May 19, 1970
United Nations Youth Assembly finds sponsors in Michael Butler

Mainliner Magazine - October 1970
Profile of Michael Butler

Photos from a profile of Michael Butler
Mainliner, United Airlines Magazine - October 1970

Pages from Michael Butler's Journal
Information and anecdotes about Michael's career.  A fascinating part of his official site.

Michael Butler's Blog

Unknown News magazine - late 1980s
Review of a Chicago production produced by Michael Butler

Archives of the 1996 Chicago production

The Hair edition of Cyberbil
A virtual program from the 1996 Chicago production

Coply News - August 1-7, 1996
Article about the 1996 Chicago production

The Festival Tour

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