L.A. Hair
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Joel Christie and Tyronne Scott sing "What A Piece of Work Is Man"


Linda Faust (Sheila), Ted Neeley (in front, Claude), and Ray Uhler (Woof).

"I Believe In Love" Linda Faust as Sheila

"Hair" with Willie Weatherly as Claude and Red Shepard as Berger.

"Colored Spade" with Red Shepard as Berger and Jerry Combs as Hud

"I'm a human being, number 1005963297-J..." Ted Neeley as Claude.

"I Got Life"

The Tribe goes to Lion Country Safari in Irvine California.

Tadg Galleran at Lion Country Safari.

Caption reads: "Hair participated in the annual Fourth of July parade in Pacific palisades with a float designed and constructed entirely by Tribe members.  The float featured a peace symbol saluting the World Youth Assembly of the United Nations."