Hair Photographs
In no order whatsoever...

Off Broadway Script

Cheetah Playbill

Cheetah Poster

Off Broadway recording ad

Rehearsal for the Broadway production

Broadway rehearsal photo

Julie Arenal & Bertrand Castelli at rehearsal

Broadway Script

4th Birthday Party Concert in Central Park

First Broadway souvenir program

Second Broadway souvenir program

Broadway Playbills
Playbills from the first and last months of the Broadway run

LA souvenir Program

Gerome Ragni

Earl Scott

Producer Michael Butler

Walter Michael Harris

1968 Promo Piece

Ad for Second Birthday

Cashbox top 100 albums chart - May 17, 1969

1970 cast publicity photo

Cast circa 1970

Cast circa 1971

Cast circa 1970

Bertrand Castelli

Jules Fisher

1973 Tour

Photos of Hair at the Public Theater

"Come to the Be-In" Flyer

 Earlier (?) "Come to the Be-In" Flyer

3rd Birthday Mass In F advertisement

Dagmar's Hair Photographs


1969 Autographed Playbill

Dutch Cast Album Ad

Alan Braunstein

Danny Hurd

Gerome Ragni and James Rado

Cast sings "Hair" circa 1970

Lamont Washington

Mercury Tour cast in concert in 1971 in Baltimore

Publicity photo circa 1969 (exact date unknown)

Woof, Berger, and Hud circa 1970

1972 Jeanie/Mom and Claude

Cast Photo Board on the outside of The Biltmore circa 1971

Earth Day 1970

Fluffer Hirsch

Gerome Ragni and James Rado

Gerome Ragni in the film Lion's Love

Hirschfeld's Hair

4th Birthday photo

Robalee Barnes and Janet Powell

Janet Powell

Gerry Ragni, Viva, and Jim Rado in the film Lion's Love

Miami Hair

Program Insert (circa 1969?)

French Cast Album Ad

Heather MacRae and Oatis Stevens

Peppy Castro

Robin McNamara

James Rado and Gerome Ragni

L.A. Hair

Seattle Hair

Australian Hair

Toronto Hair

1972 Hud's entrance

World Youth Assembly playbill insert


Prisoners in Niggertown it's a dirty little war...(circa 1969)

Let's go to the park and scare some tourists (circa 1969)

Mercury Tour flyer

1970 Berger, Sheila, and Claude

Photos from TV Guide article 1970
The Urban Coalition's campaign to promote racial harmony

Magazine ad from the Urban Coalition Campaign

National Urban Coalition Campaign
From New York Magazine

Berger sings Hair to the Tourist Couple

Venus Tour

Hair Poster

London Hair

Buenos Aries Hair

Turkey Hair

Munich Hair

Swedish Hair

San Francisco Hair

Paris Hair

Public Theater Hair Photo 1

Public Theater Hair Photo 2

Cheetah Discotheque production photos

1977 Hair revival - Cast, Michael Butler, and Tom O'Horgan

Photos from Newsweek - July 7, 1969

Ragni, Rado, and Kellogg in opening ritual
From Newsweek May 13, 1968

Gerry Ragni as Berger in the audience
From Time May, 10, 1968

Margaret Harris

Margaret Harris circa 2000

Hair Postcard

Michael Butler at the U.N. 1970
From The New York Times May 19, 1970

Melba Moore
From The New York Times September 14, 1969

Claude, Sheila, and Berger February 1969
From The New York Times February 5, 1969

June 1970 Cast singing in Central Park

Lynn Kellogg, Tom O'Horgan, and Shelley Plimpton
From The New York Times May 19, 1968

I Got Life - Original Broadway cast

I Got Life circa mid-1970

Tribe sings for the 18-year-old vote at Rally

Gerry Ragni and Jim Rado at the 2nd birthday Party/Concert

Colored Spade circa 1970

Roger Cruz

Photos from Playbill September 1968

Percussionist Warren Chiasson

Shelley Plimpton

Red Shepard

Victoria Medlin

Galt MacDermot, Gerome Ragni, and James Rado

Marta Heflin

Aquarius Theater, L.A. mural

Another photo of Fluffer Hirsch

2 Sheilas

Nat Grant

Another Red Shepard Photo

Sally Eaton
Photos from Michael's Thing - March 26, 1973

Newspaper Photos of the 4th Birthday party Concert
From The NY Daily News - May 8, 1972

Jim Rado at the 4th Birthday Party Concert
From The New York Times may 8, 1972

Hair - Lenny Blockparty invitation

Handbill 1972

Photo from Life Magazine - December 26, 1968

Cliff Lipson shirt ad #1 circa 1971

Cliff Lipson Shirt ad #2 circa 1971

Photos from Hit Parader Magazine circa August 1970

Photos of Red Shepard
From Easy Rider magazine 1970

Gerry Ragni

Miss Destiny

Photos from Astrology Today circa 1970

Heather MacRae and Oatis Stephens

Photos from Circus Magazine circa 1969

Allan Nicholls and Kathryn Ann Wright
From Hit Parader Magazine circa 1970

Steve Curry and Shelley Plimpton
From The New York Times September 13, 1970

Shelley Plimpton in Alice's Restaurant

Shelley Plimpton and Steve Curry - circa early 1970
Photos from an article to promote "Glen and Randa"

Photos from Tom O'Horgan Interview
From The New York Times January 2, 1972

Hair Stickers

Janis Gotti (Seattle Sheila)

Photos from Life Magazine - April 17, 1970
Hair Around The World

Photos from the Saturday Evening Post - August 10, 1968

Photos from Opera News - December 20, 1969

Robert Camuto

Shelley Plimpton 1969

Leata Galloway 1969

Lynn Kellogg 1969

Corrine Broskette 1969

Sally Eaton 1969

Ad for Galt McDermot's album "Hair Pieces"

Rome Hair flyer

Ad for the 4th Birthday Party

Photo from Esquire September 1968

Maria Crummere - Hair's Company Astrologer

3rd Birthday Celebration
Galt MacDermot's Mass in F at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine

Photos from Ebony Magazine - May 1970
Photos of the Chicago, San Francisco, London, Toronto, and Paris companies

London Handbill

UK Tour Handbill - 1970

Hair Balloons

Hair Champagne glass

RCA Hair Record ad

Another RCA Record ad

L.A. Opening Night Ticket

L.A. Advertising Flyer

Robin MacNamara and Tribe members circa 1970

Rehearsal call sheet from the Cheetah production

Amsterdam Hair

National Tour circa late 1970

Japanese Hair

London Playbill

Michael Butler, Gerry Ragni, and Jim Rado

Tom O'Horgan directing Futz
from Newsweek - June 3, 1968

Hair on tour in the early seventies
from Newsweek - March 31, 1975

Gerry, Galt and Jim
Just prior to the Off Broadway opening

Venus Tour Playbill

Later Venus Tour Playbill

Photographs from a 1969 Profile of Michael Butler

Berger's yellow satin shirt

1974 LA Times Ad

Beads worn in the Broadway production

James Rado, Gerome Ragni, and Galt MacDermot

Gerome Ragni circa 1972, around the time of Hair's Broadway closing

20th Anniversary concert at the United Nations

Boston Handbill

Encores! Concert

Reprise! Concert

Tom O'Horgan, Galt MacDermot, and Jim Rado 2001

Galt MacDermot 2001

Beverly Bremers and Willie Windsor

Photos from a profile of Michael Butler
Mainliner, United Airlines Magazine - October 1970

Various Tribe members 1970

Jim Rado, Gerry Ragni, Viva, and Agnes Varda
from the cover of Interview Magazine issue #1

Berger, Sheila, and Claude 1970

1974 Tour

1977 revival I Got Life

1977 Broadway revival Playbill

Photos from After Dark Magazine - December 1968

Ad for the album Divine Hair - late 1971

Photos from the film Lion's Love

The nude scene staged for Playboy magazine 1969

Galt MacDermot in 2001

Sodomy  1972

Tom O'Horgan directing the Broadway production

Washington D.C. Hair

Promotional Hair matches

Jim Rado, Bertrand Castelli, Gerome Ragni

Tokyo Hair

Mercury Tour (National)

Mercury Tour - off stage photos
Candid photos of life on the road with Mercury Hair

Photos from The Washingtonian Magazine - June 1971
Photos of Washington Hair (Jupiter Tour)

Photo from Rolling Stone - December 7, 1968

1st Birthday Party Concert in Central Park

2nd Birthday Party Concert in Central Park

The Biltmore Theatre circa 1969, during Hair's run

1971 Promotional pieces

Program from the 4th Birthday Concert

Bill Swiggard

Tokyo Ad for the American cast album

Jim Rado and Erick Ragni circa 1969

Photos from TeenSet Magazine - February 1969
LA Tribe

The Light Jacket costumes designed by Charles M. Preston III

Charles Preston

1969 Washington DC Moratorium

Pappy Hunt

Photo from New York Magazine - May 20, 1968

Earl Scott drawn by Donald Swenson

Earl Scott circa 2000

Photos from Rolling Stone December 23, 1971

Kathy Shearer

Photos from Washington Post - April 7, 1971

Mercury Tour program from September 1971

Washington DC Advertisments

Cover graphic from Jonathon Johnson's book Good HAiR Days

Photos from Plays & Players - November 1968

Mercury National Tour onstage photographs

Washington Hair Fourth of July concert

Detroit Hair

Peppy Castro backstage

PLEASE NOTE: Additional photos of James Rado, Gerome Ragni, Galt MacDermot, and Tom O'Horgan can be found in the Rainbow, Dude and Pre and Post Hair sections of the site.

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