Broadway Hair review
NBC-TV News - April 29, 1968
Leonard Probst


Hair starts slowly, with young hippies winding through the audience in slow-motion steps, burning incense as they go into a psychedelic dream, taking a trip.

That's followed by 30 scenes dealing with topics such as the draft, peace, love, air pollution, the generation gap, and of course, long hair.  There is not much story line and none is needed.

The 23 young men and women work with such conviction and involvment that you'rew sure they're for real...and not actors who will call it a night after the curtain comes down.

The folk-rock music is bouncy, the lyrics clever and the voices just right.  But what carries the show is a sense of humor and honesty.  It would be easy to be offended by the momentary but complete nudity in one scene.  the nudity was not in the original production when I saw it last October off-Broadway.  I found it out of character tonight with the rest of the show...that's probably because I liked the rest of the show enormously.  Incidentally, the show is better than it was originally.

It may not be much of an acolade, but Hair is the only new concept in musicals on broadway in years and it's more fun than any other this season.

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