Broadway Hair review (television)
ABC-TV - April 29, 1968
by Allan Jeffreys


First the answer to everybody's question: Yes, some of the actors and some of the actresses do face the audience totally nude.  This little episode occurs in the finale to Act I.  By the time it happens, you are more than prepared for it.  In fact, you are prepared for anything.

You've seen actors writhe and crawl up the aisles in slow motion.  You've been given flowers and confetti and corn thrown at you (sic).  You feel you're entitled to combat pay for sitting so close to the stage.  You've heard innocent looking girls use gutter language.  You've seen actors swing out over you a la Tarzan...and you've hoped the rope would hold.  You've leaned away from the aisle to avoid being clobbered by an actor riding a motorcycle up the aisle.

You've seen Hair.  Or perhaps I should say you've experienced hair.  And it is quite an experience.

The plot is minimal...something to do with avoiding the draft.  What is far from minimal is the music.  It is excitingly fresh...contemporary and moving.  Part of that is due to the cast.  They pretend to be hippies, but, if they are, they are the most talented hippies you'll ever see.  And they've been directed in a wonderfully wild fashion by Tom O'Horgan.

Wild is the word for hair.  It makes Marat/Sade seem like Peter Pan.  It's more than a psychedelic be-in.  It's the most theatrical theatre in years.  Put it on your must see list.

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