She's In Hair Naturally
The Washington Post - June 26, 1971

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The only complaint Kathleen Shearer has about her job acting in Washington's Hair company is that people keep stepping on her hair.

Which is so long that she could play Eve without a fig leaf and not get arrested.

Kathy is 18, green eyes, 5 feet 6, lives in District Heights, MD, has beautiful teeth, sings coloratura, is an Equity member, works with stained glass and hasn't cut her molasses blonde hair since she was 5 years old.

"Someone trimmed it to my ears when I was 5," she said, "so I told myself, never again."  Her two sisters, mother and grandmother all have had long hair at one time or another, so it runs in the family.

It takes 15 minutes to wash and two hours to dry and has never been tinted.  People stop her in the street to stroke it.  Strangers ask her if it is a wig.  When she wears it braided in a crown everyone thinks she is German.  Sometimes she gets mad at it but never mad enough to cut it.

An actor since the age of 13, the St. Mary's College sophomore has played everything from Juliet to Phaedra and has sung, danced and directed in school productions.  This is her first professional job, but obviously not her last.  Has anyone ever done a musical of "Rapunzel?"

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