Atlanta Flunks Hair Test
Variety - August 5, 1970


There will be no Atlanta produced Southeastern company of Hair as originally understood.  Instead, the Seattle company will open the tour in Miami in August.  Hair representative Ted Rado explained that the Seattle troupe became available because Boeing, one of the Washington areas biggest industries, is on strike and sharply reduces the audience potential out there.

Producers of Hair began auditions late in June, with the intention of forming a company here. response to the open auditions was very poor and the try out scene was switched to Miami, where outlook was little better.

Atlanta has been scheduled as the second city of the proposed tour with January 1971 as the tentative date.  No theatre has been engaged, however, but Rado said that agents were working on that problem.

Out of the 25 finalists at the Atlanta auditions only two performers, gary Enck, actively engaged in Atlanta theatre for years, and Elaine Strada, a club singer, proved of interest to the producers, who were disappointed when Atlanta's large hippie colony failed to produce the talent they expected.

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