Hair - Legit Follow-up
Biltmore Theatre, N.Y.
Variety - probably 1971

Since April 1968, when this breakthrough rock tuner opened at the Biltmore, hair has mushroomed into a world wide youth phenomenon , and one of the longest and most profitable shows on Broadway.  Although it's cast has undergone many changes, the show remains fresh and it's terms entertaining.

Hair is largely a group effort, of course, and as such, it is immune to the star syndrome that frequently affects other broadway tuners.  The by-now notorious flag folding and nude scenes are tame by subsequent criteria.  The flag is folded in the classic manner and therefore, is not likely to offend most theatergoers.

Oddly enough, one of the show's better known numbers, "Let The Sun Shine In" is seemingly soft-pedaled by the present Hair company.

Even so, it has lost none of its youthful surge and urgency.  The catchy number about pollution gains satiric import, in light of recent nation-wide smog crises.

On the whole, the show has retained it's rough-hewn pertinence.  It is surprisingly durable.

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