Hair Serves As A Launching Pad For Disc Careers
Variety - December 16, 1970

Hair, the first rock musical to make it big on Broadway, has become a major launching pad for many artists.  Such performers as Melba Moore, Sally Eaton, Allan Nichols, Bert Sommer, Charley Brown, Robin MacNamara and Lynn Kellog (sic) have used Hair as a training ground and stepping-stone to solo careers on disks.

One of the main reasons for this phenomenon can be found in the atmosphere of the show and the people in it.  Like a club where informal jam sessions are held, Hair affords young musicians and singers the opportunity to exchange musical concepts.

Nichols' new solo career is an example of the latter point.  The young singer left a rock group in Canada to appear in Hair and from the associations he made in the show he put together his own combo.  He recently recorded for Motown's rare Earth label, and is ready to go on the road if the disk breaks.

From another standpoint, Hair serves as an excellent showcase for other media.  Since the cast is performing every night, it's easy for a manager to bring recording executives to the theatre to see his artist.  Also a job in Hair allows the artist to sustain himself financially, thereby relieving his manager of an added burden.

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