Hair Plays So. Carolina Engagement, But Cops Nab Actors On Dope Rap
Variety - December 1, 1971


Spartanburg, S.C. - November 30, - A touring production of Hair closed a five-night run here Nov. 23, after cancellation of all its advertising by local morning and afternoon dalies.  Two cast members were left behind in police custody on narcotics charges with their bonds set at a total of $35,000.

Police didn't interfere with performances of the rock musical, despite the press attack and the advertising blackout.  Shortly after the final show, however, city and county narcotics agents raided a motel and arrested Kenneth J. Ortega, 21, of Palo Alto, Calif., and Gregg Daniel Nagasawa, 18, of Sacramento on charges of violating the state's narcotics laws.  The other members of the Hair company left Spartanburg the next day for dates in Atlanta and Joacksonville.  Ortega and Nagasawa pleaded not guilty.

Under South Carolina law, the charges must be disposed of in Spartanburg County General Sessions (circuit criminal) Court which does not convene here until January.  The County Jury has not acted on the charges.

The jointly-owned Spartanburg Herald and Journal launched their attack a few hours after the first performance.  There had been no protests by clergymen of Spartanburg's numerous churches.  Police said the press attacks and advertising blackout and the raid and arrests were not related.

Hair, which preceeded its stand in Spartanburg with extensive advertising, managed to make print with only one spread before the boom was lowered by Herald-Journal Publisher Fred Moffitt.  The morning after the show opened to a capacity crowd in 3,000-plus seats Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium, The Herald published a Page One editorial announcement that the show did not meet the paper's standards and would no longer be accepted.

Earlythis year both papers barred inclusion of illustartions in all X-rated film advertisments and shortly thereafter banned publication of all porno pix advertising.

Moffitt followed up the day after publishing the ban notice with a personally signed two-column editorial page, captioned, "Hair, A Bore of Obscenity."

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