12 From L.A. Hair Cast Nabbed On Pot Charge; Released to Do Show
Variety - October 13, possibly 1970

Los Angeles, Oct. 13.
For the third time within the last month, cast members of Hair have been picked up on a narcotics charge.  The latest and largest episode occurred last week, when 12 were arrested for the alleged violations.

Two of the defendants, Maurice Miller and Melvin Telford, both percussionists, were picked up in West L.A. also were charged with suspicion of robbery, but were subsequently discharged as wrongly identified.  The other 10 were Teddy Neely, Delores Hall, Kay Cole, Joe Morton, Jerry Coombs, Albert Greenberg, Cecelia Norfleet, Tadge Gallaran, Peter Kunkle, and Norman Glenn - were rounded up at a party in Torrance.

According to Bruce Bott and Ron Wilkoff, the officers who made the arrests of the Hair members and 13 others, a routine check was made at 2 a.m. because of too much noise coming from an apartment at 3724 Spencer St.  They said that after they arrived to issue a warning, a marijuana odor could be detected.  Cigarettes and other pills were confiscated, it was added.  The defendants were subsequently released on bail without missing performances.

Eight Hair performers were arrested Sept. 12 in Miami, and a week later four were nabbed in Las Vegas.  Individual incidents on the same charges also have been repeated over the past few months all the way from N.Y. to S.F.

No court date has been set yet on the L.A. Hair case.

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