Hair - Review
by Janey Milstead
TeenSet Magazine - February 1969

NOTE: It seems likely that this review is of the Los Angeles company.

The chances are good that most of you will never get to see Hair. It isn't a movie, and it isn't the kind of play you'tr going to see at a Wednesday matinee in Indianapolis.

But it is so beautiful, I must tell you about it or burst.  So, in order to avoid that messy experience, I'm going to.  I'll also, I hope, explode a few myths you may have heard about the play, which are being perpetrated by people who haven't seen it wither, no doubt.

Yes, this is the play where a number of the cast members take off all their clothes and stand there looking pretty much like they did when they were born only a little older (thank you, John).

It is also the play that takes place in a street filled with "hippies" who blow their minds for two whole hours with music and fun and fantasy and hair.  Long beautiful hair.

Hair is more than just a hippie review.  It's an examination of old values and a proclamation of new ones.  It's irreverent, impudent, and painfully honest about real honest things that we do but are afraid to admit.  It's also very, very funny.

Some might say it's obscene, but it isn't.  It's just open, and I guess, to some people, that's the worst kind of obscenity.  And it's also a little frightening to some of the old tigers (thank you, Max) in the audience to see the rest of us clapping and grooving and going up on the stage to dance with the rest of the cast after it's all over.

What I have just said really says it all about Hair.  I said "the rest of the cast," and it was done subconsciously, but that's the whole thing.  hair isn't just a play, it's a mood and a feeling and it's me and you and every one of us who is involved in growing and changes and oh God, I loved that play.

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