Authors of Hair Protest Their Removal From Cast
The New York Times - April 13, 1969

The authors of Hair, who have been dismissed as players in the hit musical, went on stage at the Biltmore theater before yesterday's matinee, but not to act.

They told the audience that they had no intention of jeopardizing the performances and could not understand why the producer had dismissed them as players.

On Friday evening the two playwrights, James Rado and Gerome Ragni, appeared on stage as performers and departed from the theater at the request of the management.  Mr. Rado and Mr. Ragni were first barred from performing on Thursday night, and then from a rehearsal the following afternoon.

The management, which acceded to their request to speak to the audience yesterday, said their behavior on stage had become increasingly offensive.  According to Ronald Bruguiere, the company manager, instructions to bar the two men had come from the producer,  Michael Butler.

The case is expected to go before the dramatists' Guild tomorrow.

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