Fair (Osaka) and Hair (Tokyo) Keep Producer Busy
by Mel Gussow
The New York Times - October 9, 1969

NOTE: This is an excerpt from a longer article about Japanese producer Hiroshi Kawazoe. The first part of the article deals with his producing the Fuji group pavilion at Expo 70 in Osaka, Japan. The second part of the article, about his producing the Tokyo production of Hair is copied here.

For the present, he is more occupied with Hair. He was in New York to arrange for the Japanese production of the hit Broadway show.

The Japanese Hair, co-produced by Mr. Kawazoe, is scheduled to open in Tokyo on December 5. First it must be translated and cast. Neither, said Mr. Kawazoe, should be a problem. Even before he secured the rights to it, he said, 4,000 people had expressed interest in playing the 28 roles (four to six of which will be filled with members of the New York company).

Mr. Kawazoe thinks Hair should be as big a success in Japan as West Side Story which he co-produced there - or even bigger. "I think Japan and Hair marry well." he said.

"Let the Sunshine In. We have sun in Japan. That's all we have in Japan is sunshine. The biggest problem for the world is old-and-young. That's why I want to produce Hair in Japan."  He expects the young people to support Hair just as they do his Tokyo discotheque, The Speed, because "Young people have an international language."

At least there should be no confusion about the title. "Hair in Japanese is hair," he said. Then he added, "Do you know what Hair is in Chinese? Mao."

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