Munich Audience Welcomes Hair
Applause and Foot Stamping Follow Musical Numbers
by Ralph Blumenthal
The New York Times - October 26, 1968

Munich, West Germany, October 25 - Hair, that musical tribute to dropping out, had it's German premier here as scheduled last night - nude scene, profanity, and all - despite what the producer said was a government demand to drop presumably offensive parts.

Werner Schmid, the producer, confirmed that a letter had been delivered to him by the police from the Culture Ministry demanding the cuts.  He said he had decided to ignore it and had consulted a lawyer.

There was no interference with the production, called "Haare".

The audience went wild over the "love-rock musical".  Applause and foot stamping followed almost every number.  No one appeared especially shocked by the brief, dimly lit sequence in which the players appear nude on stage or by the four-letter language.

"Please don't ask me if I was shocked," said princess Alexandra von Hohenlone, dressed in a white lace gown.  "I am a princess. As a woman I should be shocked. As a princess I should be even more shocked."  Then she smiled.

The two authors of the play, Gerome Ragni and James Rado, who were here to consult on the German version, said they were delighted with the production and audience reaction.

"But we don't understand a word of it." said Mr. Rado from behind a mop of his hair.

The authors had their problems in Munich.

Because of their hippie like appearance, both were denied admission to the Amba Hotel here last week.  Then they found accommodations at the Vatalis. Yesterday they ended up in a police station after a taxi driver refused to take Mr. Ragni, who has even longer hair than Mr. Rado, and drove off suddenly with his colleague.  Mr. Ragni chased the cab, attracting the attention of a policeman, and both authors were taken into custody to explain.  They were released without further difficulty.

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