Hair Closes Sunday
by Sam Zolotow
The New York Times - January 23, 1968

Hair, the rock 'n' roll musical, which moved December 22 from the downtown Public Theater to uptown's Cheetah, will close temporarily after Sunday night's performance.

Michael Butler, Chicago financier, who took over the management when the show moved uptown, said the offering would be transferred February 26 to it's third home, a broadway house to be designated later. The attraction will be restaged for a proscenium stage by Bertrand Castelli, executive producer, and Alvin Ailey, choreographer.

Mr. Butler said he had originally $60,000 and was spending $125,000 more on improvements. He felt it was a mistake to have 7:30 P.M. curtain at Cheetah and no intermission. Both those notions are being discarded.

Cheetah, the discotheque-nightclub, will be shifted March 28 from the building at the southeast corner of Broadway and 53d Street to Palm Gardens, 310 West 52d Street. Twenty-one other tenants have been notified to move out by March 31. Abraham Sommer is planning to erect a 42-story skyscraper on the site.

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