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The Hair Archives keeps track of the many Hair alumni all over the world. There are several ways you can participate:

The Hair Master Contact List

The Hair Archives maintains the Hair Master Contact list. This is a list of current contact information for all people who were connected to productions of Hair over the years (cast members, directors, choreographers, backstage, fans, etc.). We maintain a list for those connected to original first-run companies (circa 1967 - 1973), and one for those connected to post first-run companies (circa 1974 - current productions), and one for friends and fans.

These lists are used for several purposes. We reconnect old friends, help with reunions, and keep people in touch. In addition there are occasionally group mailings, pertaining to alumni events in your area, or group discounts offered on a Hair related item, such as when tickets to a production are discounted for Tribe members.

PRIVACY NOTE: Please rest assured that we never give out anyone's contact information, or put it on the web site. When someone (Person A) is looking for an old friend (Person B) we get in touch with Person B giving them Person A's contact information, leaving it up to Person B whether or not to reconnect with Person A.

If you were connected with a production of Hair please send us the following information to

Email address(es)
Mailing Address
Phone number(s)

Tribe name
Theater Name
Date(s) production(s) done (Month/Year)

Web site URL, if you have one

Plus any information you would care to share with  us about what you have been up to since your Hair days, and what you are doing now.

NOTE FOR ORIGINAL COMPANY MEMBERS: There is no need to send the tribe name, theater name, or production dates. Just send us the city or tour name (e.g. - Broadway company, Mercury Tour, Detroit, etc.) and the role(s) you played and we can fill in the rest of that second section for you.

The MB-Hair Blog

The MB-Hair Blog is the official Hair blog, started in June 2006 by original producer Michael Butler, to discuss Hair and related issues. There are many former cast members there (both from original and later productions) as well as directors, producers, fans, and others who love Hair and the messages it discusses. You can access the Hair Blog online at:

Michael Butler also has two other blog that many in the Hair world participate in. One is the Michael Butler Blog:

The other is the Civic Blog, for discussions of politics and other related issues:

You must register in order to participaten in any of these blogs. To do so go to the blog and click on the word "register" on the upper right hand side of the page.

The MB - Hair List

The MB-Hair List was an email discussion list that existed from 2002 through May of 2006. It was started by original producer Michael Butler, to discuss Hair, and related issues. To read the archived posts of the MB-Hair List go to:


Have any photos from your Hair days? Clippings, articles, programs, scripts?  We would love to have copies of anything you have from those days. You can send us the originals, but if you would prefer to hold on to the originals yourself, we would be happy to have scans or high quality Xeroxed copies (color for photographs, black and white for articles, etc.). You can send us scans or photocopies, or we can scan your originals and then return them to you, which ever makes it easiest for you.

For more information please contact Nina Machlin Dayton at

The Hair Alumni Pages - Coming soon!

All first-run  (1966 - 1974) Hair alumni are entitled to a page in the Aumni Pages section of this web site to let fellow tribe members know what you are up to these days. When we are ready to start taking submissions for these pages we will let you know here!

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