The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical

Hair the American Tribal Love-Rock musical Written by James Rado & Gerome Ragni. Music by Galt MacDermot. Originally produced on Broadway by Michael ButlerThe Hair Online Archives is the online portion of the Hair Archives, an archive of articles, photos, clippings, memorabilia and much more, recording the history of the musical HAIR, from its initial Off Broadway opening in October of 1967, to its closing on Broadway on July 1, 1972 and beyond, to major current productions.

There are also archives here pertaining to the "children" of HAIR:DUDE, and RAINBOW, as well as information about the careers of the creators of the story, book & lyrics of HAIR, Gerome Ragni & James Rado, and the creator of the music of HAIR, Galt MacDermot. You will also find information on the careers of director Tom O'Horgan, and producer Michael Butler. And many more goodies....

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This site is lovingly dedicated
To Jim Rado, Gerry Ragni, and Galt MacDermot for giving the world HAIR
(and for changing my life in the process)
To Tom O'Horgan and  Michael Butler for having the vision to see what HAIR could be and making it a reality
To all the friends I made through the show over the years
To Robert Camuto for being the prize in that box of Cracker Jacks

A Very Special Thanks to: Michael Butler, Robert Camuto, Bill Swiggard, Jonathon Johnson, Ross J. MacLean, and
Trevor Dayton without all of whom this site would be less than it is.

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