Benefits for Theatres

Your theater will automatically receive complimentary access to the World Wide Web via the Cyberbil web-site.

Your in-theater program will more accurately reflect the creativity and passion that are infused in your productions.

You will receive 12-15 proprietary 8-1/2" x 11" pages within the program, allowing for expanded descriptions of theater information and artist profiles.

Your audience will enjoy an enhanced theater experience as Cyberbil invites their interaction, both in the theater and beyond.

You will gain a marketing ally whose promotional efforts will serve to increase your patronage.

As a charter theater sponsor, you will benefit from the initial publicity generated by the launching of this exciting new publication.

Your support will contribute to the growth and prosperity of the theater community as a whole, as Cyberbil extends its reach to unprecedented numbers of potential patrons through various distribution avenues.

As avid theater-goers, the publishers of Cyberbil have enjoyed watching Chicago's burgeoning theater community flourish over the years, and we are eager to contribute to its continued growth and development.

Our goal is to actively promote the artists, their productions, and the community as a whole through interactive audience experiences, both in the theater and beyond, by producing a program that also links productions directly to existing and potential patrons via the World Wide Web --- at no cost to you!

Contact Karen Baker through E-mail at or phone 312.563.0495 to receive a free media kit for your theatre.

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