Benefits to Sponsors

You will gain a valuable entre into the World Wide Web (or a unique supplement to your existing on-line advertising) via the Cyberbil web-site, providing you with increased access to your target market --- before they get to the theater, during the production, and after they've left.

The in-theater program and its association with the Internet provide an interactive forum for you to engage your target market on several different levels --- visually, emotionally, and intellectually.

Your product will have a more prominent presence on the 8-1/2" x 11" pages within the printed program, maximizing the impact of your advertisements.

Cyberbil's innovative design and intriguing articles command more attentive readership, increasing your ability to connect with the audience.

As a charter sponsor, you will benefit from the initial publicity generated by the launching of this exciting new publication.

In addition, by signing on early, you will enjoy exclusive exposure and be able to reserve preferred placement for future publications.

Your support will contribute to the growth and prosperity of the theater community as a whole, as Cyberbil extends its reach (and yours) to unprecedented numbers of potential patrons through various distribution avenues.

Contact Karen Baker at IM International through e-mail at or phone 312.563.0495 to receive further information regarding sponsorship opportunities.

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