In 1968 HAIR
ROCKED the world.
It's happening again

Everyone is working on the plans for HAIR30, The Next Generation. It is expected to launch in early 1999.

HAIR Merchandise
The CD from the Original Broadway cast, T-shirts and posters are available for purchase. Don't miss out on the special offer available exclusively through this site!

The Hair Pages
Learn more about the history of this musical and be a part of the interactive be-in.

Voices of the Tribe
Perspectives in peaceful democracy including Insider's Views from Bobby Seale, Tom Hayden, Charles Kaiser, Corky Siegel and others, plus our highly unscientific straw poll in which we challenge the results of the 1996 presidental election. This section explores the political arena of HAIR in '68 and '96.

The HAIR Edition of Cyberbil
A virtual program from the Chicago production in 1996. Read the cast biographies, learn about the production team and find out who is played which part in this premier on-line edition of an exciting new theatrical program.

Archive of the Chicago Production - August, 1996
HAIR revisits the Democratic National Convention! The archives include showtimes and theatre information, press releases and a photo gallery, information about the company, and special promotions.

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