Tom O’Horgan – Theater – New York Times



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3 Responses to “Tom O’Horgan – Theater – New York Times”

  1. writerdirector said:

    I am very very concerned about this
    Does anyone have any feelings?
    Any opinions?
    Is this on the up and up?
    Not casting aspersions; dont know enough;
    but very concerned and questioning

  2. barbara siomos said:

    This IS very sad but if Tom chose Mark to have power of attorney what can one do except hope that Mark is trust worthy. No offense Mark, i am sure you are aware of this.


  3. barbara siomos said:

    By the way… I admire Mark for sticking with Tom… Alzheimers is a rough disease, lots of times the person does not even know who others are even though they have known them all their life. It is a lot of responsibility to take care of someone like that and to straighten out their affairs.

    Good luck Mark C.


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