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New York, NY (August XX, 2006)—Long Island’s revered Barnaby Bye—Peppy Castro, Billy and Bobby Alessi and Mike Ricciardella—have reformed 30 years later, proving in the process, you can indeed go home again. The band will open for Vanilla Fudge at BB King’s in New York City on Saturday, October 7th at 7 p.m.

Billy and Bobby Alessi met Peppy Castro (whose Blues Magoos hit #5 in 1967 with “We Ain’t Got Nothin’ Yet”) when all three were in the original cast of the Broadway play Hair. Atlantic Records Chairman Ahmet Ertegun signed Barnaby Bye at its very first gig in 1971. They released two well-received albums, Room To Grow and Touch before breaking up.

Barnaby Bye has always had a sound rooted in sumptuous vocal arrangement. The Bee Gee-styled harmonics of twins Billy and Bobby are breathtaking, and when added to and aided by the soulful Castro, that rare pop synthesis of dreamy stylistic—and individualistic—magic is achieved…but the sound is only complete when combined with Ricciardella’s thunderous backbeats.

A one-night only sold out reunion in July 2005 got their creative juices flowing together as a band again. This led to two sold-out shows this year, both played to wildly enthusiastic crowds. The band has been writing again for the first time in over two decades and will be premiering new material from their upcoming album Thrice Upon A Time at BB King’s, as well as reprising their own particular brand of timeless pop classics like “The Day Came On’ and “Can’t Live This Way.”

The years since have been good to these four. All have gone on to singular successes on Madison Avenue, writing many of the corporate jingles America has memorized by now. Their songs have been covered by numerous major artists. Their vocals have been hired by numerous Hollywood producers. This, then, truth be told, is not about the money…or procuring a record deal. This is about the music itself…and the joy, as corny as it sounds, of four very successful men coming back to what they love.

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