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FOCUS | What Excuse Remains Now for Obama’s Failure to Close GITMO?

Posted by , Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Health-care fraud in America: That’s where the money is | The Economist

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FOCUS | Snowden Would Not Get a Fair Trial – and Kerry Is Wrong

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FOCUS | Mr. Kerry: Why Snowden Can’t “Make His Case” in “Our System of Justice”

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Iraq: the Biggest Petroleum Heist in History?

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Truthdig – Impeach Clarence Thomas?

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FOCUS | The Worst Ruling Since Citizens United

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Gangster State America– Paul Craig Roberts

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How the Rich Stole Our Money – and Made Us Think They Were Doing Us a Favor

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States rights via constitutional convention. 34 states 2/3rd of states have now voted for it! This is to amend, change, or scrap the Constitution. Will this be a good thing or result in something completely different from it's original intent? BA
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Oliver North, the Iran rescue and Vietnam – Brasscheck

Another masterful report from the late John Judge. Amazing that this report goes back nearly 30 years and it's superior to even our most cutting edge alternative reporting.
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Obama’s Free Trade Agreement Ignores the Scandal of Rana Plaza | Common Dreams – William Greider

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Crooks investigating crooks – Brasscheck

How the government really works... The late John Judge describes how the Iran Contra investigation was completely subverted. What worked then works now. Reporting of a quality we just don't get any more. Worth a listen.
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Obama’s First-Amendment Defense of Political Liars

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The Secret History of How Banks Assumed Control of the U.S. Economy

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FOCUS | Torture, the CIA, and How We Lost Our Herd Immunity

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FOCUS | Will McCutcheon Give Birth to the Next Occupy?

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FOCUS | The American Government Is Open for Corruption

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Originalists Making It Up Again: McCutcheon and ‘Corruption’ – The Daily Beast

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The Certainty of Donald Rumsfeld (Part 1) –

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‘US Foreign Policy Blowback’: How US Disregard for Intl Law Set Stage for Crimean Crisis | Common Dreams

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SCOTUS Ruled in Favor of the Nation’s Top Corporate Interest Group in 7 of 8 Cases This Term

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Feinstein v. the CIA: A Moment of Truth | Common Dreams

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