[Mb-hair] Kent State (tangent: the flower power of George(Hibiscus) Harris, 10-22-67)

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but in the village " hibiscus and the screaming violets was first another person? "
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  Thanks, Barbara.  That is a sharper image than the reproduced one I found
  and posted.  I now have this page, that you turned us on to, bookmarked for
  future easy reference.  He will be remembered forever.

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  Here is the picture of Hibiscus aka George Harris...


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  FYI, for those who don't know, our dearly departed Hibiscus (aka George
  Harris, American performance artist, 1950 - 1982) was the brother of our own
  dear Walter Michael Harris, who's sweet voice is heard in the Original
  Broadway Cast recording of HAIR in the duet, "What a Piece of Work Is Man."

  It's not the clearest reproduction of that famous photograph, but go to

  Excerpts from that page read as follows:

  "The October [22] 1967 march on the Pentagon held the 'largest mass draft
  card burning in the history of protest against Vietnam... ."

  "The initial rally of over seventy thousand demonstrators outside of the
  Lincoln Memorial 'was entirely peaceful and conventional'."  [things did
  change, however, from peace to violence as the demonstration wore on]

  "... At the major point of confrontation, ... young people challenged
  soldiers with flowers, ...."

  The photo is also found on the cover of "A Nation Divided" (pub. 1984) from
  the Boston Publishing Company's "The Vietnam Experience" series.  The
  caption from the credits page reads as follows:

  "Cover photo: Before a violent clash between peace demonstrators and
  National Guardsmen at the Pentagon on October 23, 1967, a protestor plants
  pink carnations in the guardsmen's rifle barrels.  By then, the nation was
  begining to come apart over the Vietnam War."

  For more about Hibiscus, go to http://www.cockettes.com/, or better yet,
  rent the movie, "The Cockettes: The Rise and Fall of the Legendary San
  Francisco Theatrical Troupe, 1969-1972," a feature length documentary by
  David Weissman and Bill Weber.


  Sibley J. Smith, Jr., Director of Education
  Vietnam Era Educational Center at the
  New Jersey Vietnam Veterans' Memorial
  1 Memorial Lane, P.O. Box 648
  Holmdel, New Jersey 07733

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  From: "Barbara Siomos" <barbarasiomos38 at msn.com>

  I tried to find that photo on the internet of Hibiscus (George) putting the
  flower into the rifle barrel and could not... I tried for over an hour.. Any
  suggestions? I am guessing Life magazine has such a hold on that photo no
  one has it.




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