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richard haase hotprojects at nyc.rr.com
Fri Jan 28 14:45:05 PST 2005

I want somebody to help me please
respectfully everyone goes on and on about liberal causes
and we see postings in the civics group about the tragedies in Iran under the muslim extremists; 
the case of this young man ( babak ) was nothing i was looking for but i cant turn my back;
there are people in these groups, some of them ministers of the shah? etc; a person like that; influential, affluent; informed about the in and outs of immigration issues ( regarding which i am in way in over my head )
it seems to me you could save this boy in a heart beat if you wanted to
you post about outrages in iran and talk about what flower children you are and say " peace " etc
help me help this boy please

mr shahs minister; if nothing else you could find this boy a sponsor; he is danger of being overtaken and executed
were i man of means i wouldnt bother anyone
forgive my forwardness but i dont want to stand by and watch this boy die
so far one person out of both groups gave the boy $500
( which is greatly appreciated )
and a great deal of you are quite affluent and influential
in the name of jesus buddah allah the great spirit etc
please please please
help me help this boy
that is what being a liberal or a flower child etc is really about, isnt it?

if only to arrange a sponsor in a convenient country?
please somebody in gods name help me
the iranians who are part of this group and post pictures about the attrocities?
I have nothing to gain from this plea but help for this boy and perhaps regretably your emnity
i dont know what else to do and i feel his life is in increasing danger
come on please help him; im begging
help me help this boy

richard haase

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 Dear Darr, 

 i purchased the ticket, but i have been informed by the travel agency but today morning that i will not be allowed to go to turkey from Pakistan. Because i will need a 2-ways ticket (go and back)... but my visa for Pakistan is a SINGLE ENTRY VISA and not a MULTIPLE VISA.. So i will not be able to come back to Pakistan (so thinks the immigration office)... 

 but i have to have a multiple visa for Pakistan. They don't give me a multiple one. there is only one way: to buy the back-flight-ticket for TURKEY to IRAN. And it's not possible to buy the ticket from Pakistan. i have to go to Iran and buy it there. 

 i can stay here and wait for the materials from you. But i still don't know how you want to help me to apply the visa!?  B-1 visa? Or...?

 I can apply from here... OR NOT?

 By the way, i am registered in UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugee) in Pakistan. And if the US-Embassy refuses my Visa, i could continue the Asylum process at least! What's your opinion about it?

 But i will not be able to be registered by UNHCR in Turkey again..  Because my first entry is Pakistan and not Turkey! So is the rule!

 We are not sure, if i can get the Visa from US Embassy in any case. are we sure? if you are sure, then inform me please! But I think you cannot be sure! right?

 and 2 important things:

 1) i will be able to stay in Turkey only for 3 months as a tourist. Otherwise i have to apply for a Visa from Turkish Embassy in Tehran. ONLY in TEHRAN, because there is a embassy in Tehran and i am Iranian. And i have to apply in Tehran. Then we will have only 3 months time to be ready to apply the visa.

 2) My Pakistani visa is only valid until 02.April 2005... it will not be extendable! So.. We have only 2 months time to be ready to apply the visa! Because if the Embassy Officers be informed that my Pakistani (or Turkish) Visa is invalid, they will refuse my Visa in any case!

 What's your IDEA?!  

I beg you to inform me about your idea.

 I'm willing to get to USA and continue to study music there, and I am losing my time!!

 Please help me to know more and more about your ideas!

Thank you and best wishes,


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