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Thu Jan 27 15:24:05 PST 2005

Thank you,  Michael, Nina,  and fellow tribe-members, 

for the  wonderfuly birthday messages!!

Since yesterday (Jan 26) was  filled with fun, entertainment and good food
and cooked by my multi-talented husband!) I didn't get to read them until
Wish you could have been at the dinner party!!!

The message from Michael Josephson (WHAT WILL MATTER) was eerie also in its 
timely arrival.

 I'm gonna stick it on my office wall.

Love and hugs to you all 
and a special "Thank you" to Bill for sending me the PBS Broadway-with-HAIR


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Have a great day
And a super year.
Thanks for all the memories.

Peace and Love,
-- Carpe Diem

<snip>  I copied and kept them all!

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