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Michael Butler michael at michaelbutler.com
Sat Jan 15 15:06:35 PST 2005

My replies are with in your questions:


Thank you SO much for responding to my post! Would you be interested
in being interviewed for our project? It's somewhat of a big deal, for
my grade, but it's not like the actual interview itself would receive
public recognition. It's for a national contest called "History Day"
where resources are a huge deal and I thought an interview with
someone would be great. I'm mainly looking for how people themselves
protest in the sixties, however, if it relates to Hair it should be
fine. Even if you don't consider yourself a "good" person to
interview, I'm sure you'll be awesome, seeing as you know a bit about
the topic. Even if you knew nothing about the topic, I'd still be
grateful to have you. You seem like a lot of help, so, here goes.

If you get some time, and if you're interested in doing it:

1) Hello. Could you tell me a bit about yourself? (Your relationship
to Hair, what you do as the archivist, and anything about you
protesting the war would be AWESOME.)

I am the Producer of HAIR and deeply involved with members of the tribes.
Nina Dayton, bless her, is the Archivist and keeps us all together.
I like most am opposed to war and in particular the Iraq War. We are in an
active Civic list which is opposed to the Iraq War.

2) What was it like protesting the war in the sixties, and how did you
do it?

HAIR was our principle  platform of protest. The reason I became involved
was against the Vietnam War. Many did other anti war activities. I spoke
publicly in many forums. HAIR was not a radical protest. It was a dialogue
between generations.

3) In the musical "Hair," it speaks of Hippies, Hippie culture and
lots of their opinions and views. Are there any statements you agree
with? Disagree with? What would you say is the overall message of the
show, and do you agree with that message?

The Hippie cultural is basically about freedom and compassion. It has been
vilified by the establishment who are terrified by this movement. We nearly

4) When you think of protesting the war, are there any songs that
remind you of it? Songs don't have to be from Hair.

Better ask the musicologists amongst us. My memory of titles is not good.
There were many.

5) Vietnam affected everyone's lives in one way or another. How would
you say it affected yours?

A stain on our reputation.

6) How is the current war affecting you? Do you know anyone who is
currently fighting today?

Worse than Vietnam. A war we should not be in which we were lied to and
still are not being given the true story. We will see our children and
grandchildren pay for our error.

7) You seem to have a strong love for the musical Hair, does this have
anything to do with being active (somewhat, maybe? I'm not totally
sure on your protesting status) during the protests or do you just
love the music and overall theme of the show?

Love the story, lyrics, music and protests of HAIR.

8) Do you know anyone who was a serious protestor of the Vietnam war
in the sixties? If you do, what sort of things would go on? Music,
rallies, etc?

Too many to mention, start with the tribes of HAIR.

9) How does having a strong relationship to the musical Hair affect
your life today, if at all?

Like going to church

10) Hair leaves a certain message of peace and love in it's theme, do
you agree with this outlook on life today? How would you say,
personally, to live your life?

Peace and Love is the only answer.

---Thanks for much, some of the questions are kind of personal so
please don't be pressured into feeling like you have to answer them.
Any information at all will be so very greatly appreciated, and if you
do decide to help I'll be sure to keep you posted with what the judges
thought of your interview.

Your site is amazing, it has so many awesome articles and just a great
theme. It's definitely some great help to me, thank you so much for


Hope this helps and others add to my comments.
Peace and Love Michael
--Those who have experienced altered forms of consciousness, by whatever
means, never forget that space in which they have been. Now that they have
learned how to function within the system, it is time they act to run it. MB

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