[Mb-hair] Re: Hey

Barbara Siomos barbarasiomos38 at webtv.net
Tue Jan 11 15:16:05 PST 2005

Hi Larry...

No I have not done or said anything regarding the HAiR list and you. But
remember a while back I think you had asked Nina to take you off because
of so much spam..... There is now no more spam at all since the address
was changed..... Hey, maybe that it if, but I don't think so... there is
a new address for the HAiR list:
mb-hair at islandlists.com

Is this the one that you have ? IF you want on again I will send you the
info.... let me know.

Judah and Jackie had a baby girl I will send you a  photo or two if I
can find them... She was born on Nov. 30th at 5:49 pm 12 hours BEFORE
her other grandmother died. They did not get to see each other but her
grandma did know of her birth and that everything went well.. life is

Glad to hear you got everything straightened out with your taxes that
can be a drag and drain a person. :-)

The earth being off its axes is a bummer and I totally believe all of
that stuff is affecting the tsunami, global warming and just screwing up
the planet in general if we do not leave things alone. I am an
environmentalist and feel very strongly about these issues.

It is no wonder you are feeling out of sorts with the travel schedule
you are on... but I suppose the money helps. Let me know if and when you
go to Atlanta maybe we can meet up, how long are you supposed to be
there if you go?... I am planning a trip by train or car down south and
plan to make quite a few stops on the way to visit Sally.

Stay in touch.


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