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On 01/06/2005, SharmagneS at aol.com wrote:

> How do I go from Vinyl to CD or iTunes or iPOD?   (PLease)

Well, if you have a computer that has a sound card with an audio input,
you're set. (Most computers nowadays come with this stuff.)

Basically, you need some software that will record incoming sound at 44.1khz
in 16-bit resolution. That's the audio resolution of audio CDs.

And you need a way to burn that stuff to CD. On Wintel boxes I believe Nero
can perform both of these tasks -- it certainly does a great job burning CDs
and DVDs, and I know it has a sound editor....I THINK it records sound...

If you wanna load up the sound to the iPod, all you gotta do, I guess, is
convert it to MP3 and do whatever you'd normally do to transfer it over to
the iPod.

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