[Mb-hair] Re: intensive project ~ To: Robin

Barbara Siomos barbarasiomos38 at webtv.net
Wed Jan 5 13:36:12 PST 2005

Hello Jonathon,

Are you referring to  HAiR or Divine HAiR.... CD or Album?

IF you are referring to CD HAiR, Dauber said I could purchase one,
hopefully around here I can. Also he mentioned he could make one so I am
not sure what the outcome right now is.... I think he is going to make a
CD of "Divine HAiR" and I will buy in store the 67 2 CD from HAiR. That
way we all will keep our copies including you.... I would not want to
take your copy but do appreciate the offer.

thanks for your thought.
>Date: Wed, Jan 5, 2005, 1:18pm (EST-3) 
>From: Jonathon Johnson
><goodhairdays at yahoo.com> 
>Subject: [Mb-hair] Re: intensive project ~ To:
Hi Barbara,
I think I have one but will have to check. If I do, the quality is not
fantastic but I'd be happy to
mail you a copy.
Love ~ Jonathon
>Barbara Siomos <barbarasiomos38 at webtv.net>

Dauber.... I need a CD, I have a brand new LP played maybe 1 or 2 times
in NYC but I have NO turntable (actually have one but no speakers to
hook up to it).
Can you make a CD for me and I will send you what ever the cost?
Thank you...

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