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Tue Jan 4 18:37:00 PST 2005

Sharmagne wrote:

>You should speak to Corinne on that one.

We have Corinne's Mexico recollections in the Voices of the Tribe Project. 
With her permission I will post them here on the list.


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>In a message dated 1/4/05 07:25:05 AM, akeating at wagner.edu writes:
> > oh, i'm sorry.  it's a theatre history class.  however, instead of 
> > to
> > find out so much of the social impacts or anything, the professor just
> > wanted
> > us to find as much interesting material as possible.  i mean, i'm going
> > beyond
> > that, adding a lot of the social aspects of the show.  for instance, the
> > story
> > of the cast who was kicked out of mexico is great for giving social and
> > political reactions to the show.
> >
>You should speak to Corinne on that one.     They just cancelled my
>daughter's "Costume for the Theatre" class.. It was the only class she 
>signed up for
>and was suposed to have started yesterday.. Grrrrrr..... Low enrollment was
>given as the reason..
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