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Jonathon might have a CD of "Divine HAIR"

> Robin..... Checked out your site and read the Madison Garden story (and
> others) again.... Thank you for sharing your memories.
> I have that album "Divine HAiR" but currently my old turntable that I
> bought in nyc from Allan Nichols needs to be hooked up (needs
> speakers).... I will check out your singing "Where Do I Go" with "The
> Boys Choir" it must be awesome (will listen with a new perspective). I
> have always noticed on TV with the Gospel singers how they get so
> inspired by their Choirs (or at least I do).... I also have an album
> "The Voices of East Harlem" (ever heard it? talk about Choirs), with my
> X playing drums, another "G-R-E-A-T"  album.
> Enjoyed your site.... THANKS
> peace,
> barbara
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> Hi Barbra
> The story you refer to is on my website (link below) if you click on
> "Hair Salon" at top of home page you will find it along with a couple
> more stories.
> Love forever
> Robin
> http://lpintop.tripod.com/robinmcnamara/
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