[Mb-hair] Peace signs

James Pappaconstantine georgeberger69 at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 6 15:09:24 PDT 2005

Right on Baby! Right on! Jim

Elizabeth Esquibel <elizabethesquibel at hotmail.com> wrote:Jim, it's not weird!!! The peace sign is becoming the sign of the times 
again! I at the moment am
driving a school bus, and our saying is if you don't get flicked off at 
least six tiimes a day your not a
real school bus driver....however---nobody including myself likes to be 
behind any kind of huge ve-
hicle on the road. I myself have been using the peace sign allllllll day 
long. No one likes to let school
busses over to change lanes, but I have found that when I stick my tiny 
little arm out of the window
with the peace sign flashiing the brother or sister is kind enough to let me 
over. Isn't that just sooo

Love and peace Forever~Elizabeth Caveness-Esquibel

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