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Speaking of Donna Summer... she is playing at the Music Fest in Bethlehem, PA this Friday Sept. 5th... 

Friday  8:30pm
Tickets $22.00 to $42.00
Info. (610)332-FEST, or  www.fest.org

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That happened to me on the subway , the other day ! As the cars slowly passed 
these kids were smiling and waving to anyone who would look. So , I smiled 
nodded and gave then the old Peace sign and they all frantically nodded , yes 
and returned it ! They totally knew , what it meant ! The guy sitting next to 
me had seen this and said :" Did you know them ? " I smiled and said : " Never 
, really met them but feel like I know something about them , now ." It was a 
sweet moment ! 
                     Thanks For ALL the Peaces
                       Bruce / Woof  


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>Ok this is really strange.. or maybe not. But it's really cool. Twice now in 
the last week have I been driving down the highway and had kids give me the 
peace sign. Once it was a yellow school bus, maybe on some summer field trip, 
and like 6 of them from the back of the bus held up their little fingers, and 
then again today some little kid out the window of a big SUV. He smiled when I 
gave it back to him. I can't help but wonder why? Is it that I am a hippy? I 
do have long hair in a short haired world, Do they even know what it means? Or 
is it like when you pump your arm up and down for the train engineer to blow 
his whiste. (maybe it's just the in thing to do.) At anyrate,, I like it. And 
I personally have been using it in place of the middle finger when someone 
flicks me off driving. I feel, or hope that maybe it will calm them down abit 
as obviously whatever caused them to give me that digit has got them quite 
stressed out. Anyway.. Thought I would share.&nbsp; JIM
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