[Mb-civic] Bush Sign Goes Down!

Cheeseburger maxfury at granderiver.net
Thu Sep 30 00:16:42 PDT 2004

Re:  Bush Sign Goes Down!

Lyle K'ang wrote:

OK-nice try

Allright, sure, I'll bite...


I'm going to try to follow advice that I once heard something like if you 
want people to see a Fact then present it honestly to them instead of 
hitting them on the head with it and let them make up their own minds about 
it, and just ask what "Nice Try" means above.

Have I won something..?  Was I trying to win something..?  What was it I 
was trying for...?  A clever retort..?  An effective responsive 
"argument"...?  The "point"...?   *A* "point"......?

Hint:  I still haven't even figured out from which impulse your original 
post came from to begin with.

I'll let Kerry and Bush do the debate thing.  I just don't like anyone 
putting up shit about me on a computer screen unless they're going to 
thoroughly explain their accusations etc or at the very least put up some 
kind of evidence for such a lurid crap as they're typing it.

If it was something like I was "trying" to respond in a winning-an-argument 
style *in order* to "win" whatever it was I was supposed to, explain "nice 
try" as I can't seem to see the clear meaning of the whole gist of anything 
here now.

All I was trying to do, other than respond to the questionable things I saw 
on the screen all of a sudden, was ask for some *simple evidence* of all 
that crap you just got through printing.  Or at least a *rational explanation*.

Instead I got "Nice Try".

As far as "what crap" you printed, I was talking about all that:

"You are very insecure with yourself, should take your 'LIFE' your 
experiences and "GO' directly to somewhere else, You are truly not 
wanted-at least not by me and your childish babble, You attacked me when I 
first came on, In all your liberal talk - you are just a phony!  A creep, a 
failure, stop with your insecurities and  stop calling people ignorant and 
get on WITH YOUR LIFE, What are you?!   A psychological trauma misfit!, 
wake Up you're on a short leash."


Yes, I consider that pure crap.

If you had gone to the mild bother of *explaining* what you *based* all 
that on, at least one example per specific allegation would have been Fair, 
then that might have been another story.

However, umm, you didn't explain it.  Nor produce any evidence for it, nor 
will you most likely explain why you consider a response to such crap as 
"Nice Try" and leave it at that.

Not that you are required to explain things you say.

But, *if* you ever find the time to actually *explain* that above paragraph 
of quotes of bullshit from you, rather than just stating them, then I will 
briefly pause and consider what the hell does "Nice Try" mean now in the 
face of all the unexplained crap immediately preceding it which you found 
fit to print in your original post.

Other than that, hey, it's Thursday, I have to keep the Earth from wobbling 
off its axis from the approaching black holes.

but you still have not answered your own call: "Where has the sparrow gone 
now that I need its song."

The sparrow never stopped singing.

You just stopped listening.

Have you calmed down now...

Explain that one too while you're at it.

Ok ok ok, I get it, I'm supposed to be so transcendent by now that little 
things like character assassination, libel, whatever, popped up on my 
Internet screen are no longer supposed to phase me in my present state of 

Ok, Lyle, I *won't* be upset.

I'll take it right on the chin.

The next time you put it up, however, I will require an explanation.

Or else you'll just have to keep fishing with no bait and a paper hook.

Life is really great Snow White-where ever you may be.

That's actually kind of funny, Lyle....  heh...

Whatever the heck it is you're trying to communicate.

Everyone has a role to play on this planet.

Even though they might be within multiple circles of illusions.

Whatever the "life is fine Snow White wherever you are" is supposed to 
mean, or infer, I won't even guess, although I easily can.

I'm just going to let you slide right on by with this crap and pretend it 
never happened.

If that isn't good enough for you, then you too will simply have to take a 
ticket and stand in line, there's an entire world ahead of you.

On the other hand, if you can actually come up with some evidence, proof, 
and explanations for all that above junk, then *that* might be worth the 
price of admission.


Lyle K'ang

You're welcome.

Say goodnight, Gracie....


- Where has the sparrow gone now that I need its song.

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