[Mb-civic] Bush Sign Goes Down!

Cheeseburger maxfury at granderiver.net
Wed Sep 29 21:40:05 PDT 2004

Re:  Bush Sign Goes Down!

Lyle K'ang screamed:

The Al Franken Show on Air America and Other Liberal talk shows on XM Radio 
(Air America Left), all use the word hubris.

That's not my problem they choose to replace the word "Arrogance" with a 
word that brings to mind lilac cologne.

Neither is it my fault.

They can use any fucking words they want.  That still doesn't soften the 
=impact= "Arrogance" has over "Hubris" in The Real World, nor to a Majority 
of the actual People.

Just a simple FACT, Lyle.  Nothing more.

There is nothing wrong in a word.

I never said there was.  I just said that "Arrogance" *still* remains a 
more hardy conveyor of the actual meaning than "Hubris" will ever hope to 
even bow to.

And I still find it rather hilarious when various people use "Hubris" in a 
sentence referring to people like George W. Bush, such as "The unmitigated 
hubris of George W. Bush".

Such usage *continues* to lead The General Masses on a wild goose chase to 
a dictionary, which probably at least 50 percent of them won't even bother.

And, while intentional or not, literally softening the actual meaning of 
"Arrogance" into a relatively *undefined term* for a *Majority* of People.

Case Closed.

especially, when your life has brought you out of the hood and we can 
witness first hand-a beautiful world and how it could be.

When you can show me and the rest of the world how the word "Hubris", or 
its usage, has, is, or will make the world beautiful and a better place, 
I'll stop and actually consider all this current bullshit, such as the 
sentence directly above.

Other than that, "coming out of the hood" and discovering the word "Hubris" 
had replaced the word "Arrogance" must have been a real thrill for someone.

We need to communicate where ever life leads us.

Boom.  An actual Truth.

You're communicating like a whirlwind now, kid.

To put down other's speech shows that you are very insecure with yourself

I didn't actually "put down" the use of the word "Hubris" in place of say 

What I did was to point out the tiny Fact that a Majority of The Masses 
never use it, rarely hear it, and have no idea what it means to begin 
with.  And that less than half of them will even bother to look up its 
meaning, if even that many.

If one is *attempting*, for some idiotic reason, to actually or 
inadvertently "Communicate With The Masses", it *still* seems like *A Great 
Idea* to use as many words as possible that the actual Masses are more 
familiar with, or familiar with at all.

Of course, everyone is entitled to their opinion though.

Aren't they, Lyle...?

But, yes, I did say that "Hubris" sounds like a word that shot out of the 
Queen's ass.

And for all I know, it did.

I relegate a simple Word (not people) to the "hilariously funny column if 
one is actually trying to legitimately communicate with The Masses" and I 
get "You Are Insecure", among other tawdry shitslinging.

Go fish.

and should take your 'LIFE' your experiences and "GO' directly to somewhere 

Well, hehe, ahem, gurgle, the more I read of this toilet-like literature 
here, the more I unfortunately think I've found that somewhere else already.

All over a "word", Lyle....?

If the world wasn't *already* actually a piece of shit for *literally* a 
majority of its beings, I would almost be impressed.

But not to worry, Lyle, I won't actually be around that long, I just 
briefly stopped in to see what condition the World was in.

Nothing more.

And then everything will be peaches and cream again and the sun will come 
out and the birds will sing and a giant rainbow will spread over the Internet.

You are truly not wanted-at least not by me and your childish babble.


Is this a letter from Santa or what.....?


You attacked me when I first came on

I'm sorry, Lyle, I don't really remember "attacking you".

Put up =*something*=, =*anything*=, that will refresh mine and everyone's 
memory just to be fair rather than so W.ish.

It sounds like you're fishing for WMD when there are none to begin with.

-and frankly I have been online with this group ever since from the very first.

I'm glad you have some place to hang out where people like you and they 
like you.

That's kind of a neat feeling, isn't it......?

Why am I taking so much time with you-well because its a diversion and a 
breath of polluted air from my long slogs in building my online business.

Well, what can one say, in the face of such a letter not really much, I'm 
just very glad I could be a diversion for you and relieve some of that 
built-up pressure from your corporate endeavors.

In all your liberal talk - you are just a phony!  A creep, a failure.

Hmmm, hehe, well, if you're trying to make a friend, I suggest a soda or 
popcorn or something might work a little better, Lyle.

Other than that, a little actual *Proof* to back up your public tantrum 
here might be more convincing as to who or what I actually am, was, or will be.

In fact, this whole group, except for a very few are real. The rest have 
quit because they couldn't take it. So -stop with your insecurities and 
stop calling people ignorant and get on WITH YOUR LIFE!

Go ahead, I'll bite.  Put up where I've called people "ignorant".

Either put up or shut up.

That seems a *VERY FAIR* =request=, especially in the face of this poison 
pen letter you just emoted.

It's one thing to put your foot down hard on someone's neck, but it's 
another thing if you really can't start actually proving all your angst 
before they start to get off the ground, Lyle.

I'm off the ground, Lyle.

What are you?!   A psychological trauma misfit!

Ok, let's see what we got so far.

A very long litany of labels, name calling, and pretty shitty character 

All in a row.  Tied in a pretty bow.

All over a Word.

And all The Rest slopped up for icing with nothing from Reality to back it up.

In general, I can only thank my lucky stars that I did not attack a word 
with more letters from the alphabet in it or I might have been in *really* 
deep shit right about now.

P.S. If you haven't noticed the subject of this discussion is all about 
those that are insecure and must air their power with signs that smack you 
in the face. Why? Because simply-NO Class! No finesse', No Style, NO 
Life-Just Money, and YES!! Worse >>> POWER!!!

Sorry, I didn't realize an actual "discussion" was going on.

All I know is that I was chatting with some dude from Argentina about the 
word "Hubris" popping out of the Queen's ass, and the next thing I know he 
had to go to another country for a bit, and you showed up like the guy in 
that movie "SlingBlade".

So far, all hubristicalismousness aside, I think I've done a fine job of 
even remotely trying to be nice to you in the face of who knows what the 
fuck it is you're ranting on about, or where it came from.

As much as I would like to agree with you, Lyle, sorry, but it didn't come 
from me, no matter how many times you state it.

Nice jawbreaker, though.  Thanks for the thrills.

Another thought MONEY is NOT Everything-Look at Cheney, Bush, Blair, and 
Other Power hungry IDIOTS, very insecure, stupid, ignorant people. Why? 
They might as just float away----they have forgotten that they are too 
connected to the human race and we have a responsibility! They simply have 
chosen to Dance With The Devil ....dance, shall we dance...

Ok, you lost me on that one, LOL.

 From calling me every name in the book, then suddenly to "money" "power" 
"Cheney Bush Blair" and "dancing with the devil", kind of went off track 
from demeaning and trashing my entire life there, Lyle.

Let's hopefully try to remain consistent at least if we're going to slash 
and burn me in public with no legitimate motive nor any evidence produced 
yet to validate your burning concerns.

Wake Up you're on a short leash,

Well...  Again, what can one say...  After such a gentle sweet caring 
bedtime story coming from you directly to me, Lyle, one can only be 
thankful the entire world does not turn on your ass.


Other than that, hey, life is much too short, let's be friends.

I'll try not to attack words that you hold so sacred.

p.s.  The last time someone "had me on a leash" was never.

In your dreams.

I can be as friendly and as considerate as the next person, but I just will 
*not* take *unproven* shit like that from neither God nor the Devil, nor 
from a complete stranger named Lyle K'ang.

Other than that, how is your day going...?

Let's hope it's been *much* better than mine, Lyle.

It's always nice when people, even complete strangers like yourself, take 
time to think of you and try to lend a helping hand.

Thanks for the memories........


- Where has the sparrow gone now that I need its song.

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